Tiny Image Filters

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This is a basic image processing library for Windows Phone. It is going to help developing photo effect app on Windows Phone.




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Render input formats as SVG trees

x2svg is software to graphically lay out files like XML Schema, DTDs and Java property files as scalable vector graphics (SVG). Diagrams can be converted into PDF, PNG, TIF and EPS files directly from within x2svg. A simple GUI and ant integration exist.


LessTif is a free (LGPL) clone of Motif (also known as OSF/Motif). It is a set of widgets for developing graphical user interfaces. Motif is the most widespread such widget set, supported by most commercial UNIX vendors. LessTif is a free alternative.

LessTif and Motif Extension Library

Xlt, the LessTif/Motif Extension library, is a set of widgets that make programming with the Motif API easier as it adds a set of frequently used tools.

ThumbView - Expansive Thumbnail support!

Add thumbnail support for .cut, .dcx, .dds, .mdl, .mng, .pcd, .pcx, .pic, .pix, .png, .pnm/.pbm/.pgm/.ppm, .psd/.pdd, .psp, .pxr, .sgi/.rgb, .tga/.vda/.icb/.vst, .tif/.tiff, .wal, and .xpm in MS-Windows XP Explorer! Or plug in your own image formats!

CineFX - Professional grade media player

Cinefx is a professional grade media player, based on the jahplayer, that is capable of playing uncompressed video and image sequences at resolutions as high as 2K and 4K in real-time. Cinefx is an offline playback, editing, encoding, animation and visual effects tool based on the Jahshaka technology that allows you to create professional digital media on your desktop. Use the tools that hollywood uses to create blockbuster films and special effects.

Tugas-kelompok-ligar-tri-winda - Tugas Kelompok 1 TIF IV A

Tugas Kelompok 1 TIF IV A 1. Ligar Sekar Wangi 2. Tri Maryani 3. Winda Rahadyan

Tugas-kelompok-java - kelompok purple.aoi.star

tugas kelompok java TIF IV A 1. Ligar Sekar Wangi (10751000204) 2. Tri Maryani (10751000243) 3. Winda Rahadyan (10751000044)


It's FREE TIF files viewer. You can open multi-page TIF files, delete pages and save it as new TIF file.


FlipExt is an easy to use image converter. It converts any image to .png .bmp .jpg .gif .tif .jpeg .tiff .ico. More extensions will be added soon.