Tibia Universal MC .NET

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This tool was written as an attempt to port the [url:http://code.google.com/p/xenomc/] to the .NET Framework.




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Survival Server

An open and free Tibia MMORPG server and programs to control it.

Tibia Auto

Tibia Auto is the best BOT software for the popular game Tibia. It has all the features a bot should have including: cavebot, runemaker, creature info, spell casting, auto healing and much much more.


This project has been moved to github.com. You can find the new project at: https://github.com/opentibia

Cproxy - a proxy made for the game Tibia

this is an Open source proxy for the game Tibia, made using TibiaAPI(Ian, Ame)

Bedbot - Interact with the Tibia client

Bedbot is an Open-Source Softwore created for the communication between the Tibia client and Server with the help of TibiaAPI. It was made with WPF

Kavvson - Kavvson's works

Open Tibia scripts for account makers and other!

Tibiahu - the Hungarian Tibia Fansite

The source code for the Hungarian Tibia fansite moved to github, http://github.com/maerlyn/tibiahu

Simplebot - Open-source bot for Tibia based on TibiaAPI

This is free bot for Tibia, based on TibiaAPI, it was made to show people how easy can be creating bots. Big thanks for TibiaAPI and KedrahCore developers and also to Stiju - I learned many from you.