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TibiaBot is an open source application dedicated to extend your gaming experience in MMORPG game called Tibia. Besides of very many built-in functions, TibiaBot has implemented IronRuby script engine, which allows You to creating new functionality to base program.




Related Projects

Bbothelper - Waypoint converter

This project convert one waypoint that has been created on Tibiabot NG to BBot.

Nconvert - NG wpt to nbot console converter

Program allowing you to convert waypoints files created with TibiaBot NG to compatible with Nbot.

Tibianbot - Tibia bot projecet called Nbot.

Nbot is free and open source project of Tibia Bot. It's simply education project. Tibia versions supported by Nbot - 8.40 - 8.41 - work in progress.

Atbot - VBot [9.0]

VBot Tibia 9.0Este es el VBot. Totalmente OpenSource. Disfruta :) This is VBot is totaly open source . Enjoy (spanish proyect) Escrito en VB.NET (2008)

Veneb - Vene Bots

Vene Tool es un bot para Tibia totalmente gratuito, este bot esta en version beta y se lanzo al publico, posee muchas caracteristicas que otros bots tienen, como las que destacan: Curer, Mana Trainer , automaticos y muchas funciones mas.

Luiz-tibia - trabalhos de luiz, e coisas sobre tibia.

ainda não temos conteudo suficiente para formar uma descrição. Tibia auto 8.40 Tibia auto é um programa capaz de executar diversas tarefas no Tibia como por exemplo, caçar, pescar, fazer runas, se curar dentre muitas outras. Vale lembrar que o uso desse programa nos servidores oficiais do Tibia é ilegal, e que se constado o uso do mesmo o usuário será banido. Para a instalação do tibia auto é presiso uma dll facil de baixar ela está disponivel no site do Baixe.net Download da DLL col

Tibiapascal - PascalCore TibiaBot Source

TibiaPascal, Ever wanted to create your own TibiaBot?...For free always?. Without being pushed to pay for a bot that can get you banned?. Still, we can assure you that it's complete undetectable, we are a small team, therefore we need developers to help us out in the making of TibiaPascal. TibiaPascal features: - External to the Client - Spell Casting - Healing by Hotkey system - Allow to XRay - Allow to NameSpy - OpenSource - Undetectable Please, remember that TibiaPascal is under GNU GPL v3, t

Tibimon - TibiMon is designed to allow safer training without breaking the rules.

Tibimon is short for Tibia Monitoring. Tibimon reports your health, mana, position, & skills in an easy to use and read application without breaking any rules. TibiMon will also alert you by sound if you are moved, have low health, or lose your target. It does all of this without getting you a ban or breaking the Tibia rules. Current Features are Health Monitoring, Skill Monitoring, X,Y,Z Monitoring, Low Health Alert, Move Alert, No Target Alert, & Automatic Updating. In the future I wish to add