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Related Projects

Comp354f - Create a Course Management System using Software Engineering approaches.

Meeting Times: Every Thursday @ 1 Team Members: Haritos Kavallos, Andrew Gardener, Guillaume Calvet, Lukas Bayard, Alex Yen

Unocplusplus - C++ Multiplayer UNO

Lake Central High School C++ Per. 4 Final Project By: Keegan Hernandez and Michael Broniek. Project Restarted: Thursday, August 06, 2009 Finished:

Perl-dumb-dateparser - Module to parse a natural language date into a date

Parses a natural language date into a Date::Simple object. Takes 'Next Thursday' and returns a date object.Only works with english and is not efficient. Designed for simple uses like making UI's more friendly.

Narutochaos - An online browser baised RPG baised on the hit show Naruto

This game is an online browser biased game on the hit anime Naruto. This game will feature you to grow up the life of a ninja. You start of as an academy student in the village and grow into a real ninja traveling the country fighting enemies and players stopping into small towns and buying armor. Go by a lake and fish the possibilities are unmatched so try it out!Coming Summer of 2007Last Update- Thursday, December 21st

Beat-the-bard - 2-D Online Cooperative Hack n' Slash/RPG

Under development as a Senior Computer Science Project for Salisbury University, Software Engineering I. This project is an exercise in Agile Software Development and a culmination of four years of study. Currently, members meet immediately after class on Tuesday and Thursday. Extra meetings will be scheduled as needed. To see the current meeting schedule, click here. Project StatementOur goal is to create a fully networked, cooperative RPG experience. We hope to have: Fast, match-based gameplay

Java-tdd-tutorial - Project created while teaching TDD and Object concepts

Created for I.C. Stars Thursday night Java studio. The mission was to indoctrinate new developers into Java, TDD, and Object Oriented Programming.


ClubMailerPHP is designed to automatically send emails to a list of users on a monthly schedule. It contains logic to determine club meeting dates (ie. third Thursday of the month) and send meeting notices in advance of each meeting.

Ala-collectory - Atlas of Living Australia - Registry of biodiversity collections

Registry of collections and data sourcesThe collectory manages metadata that describe Australia's biodiversity collections and suppliers of biodiversity data. See System documentation at NEWSTuesday 20th March 2012 Public users can now download the DwC archive for the records of some data resources. The link appears on the public page for those resources (datasets). Tuesday 16th August 2011 Public users can

Dotnet-scheduling - Lightweight library for modelling reoccuring calendar events in C#

For my work in software programming the occasional spec comes along to allow scheduling of events. Based on calendars from other software, this lightweight library provides the classes to represent reoccurring appointments/events. In particular: One-off event Daily event that can occur every X days Weekly event that happens on particular days of the week every X weeks Monthly event that can be set up in two ways: On day Y of the month every X months, or On the Zth day of the Yth week every X mon

Video-player-project - Video Player Project for FIT CSE 2050

Welcome to The Video Player Project! This project makes use of the FLTK C++ library to create a simple "video" player. IntroductionHello. The Video Player Project is a work in progress created by students at the Florida Institute of Technology for an introductory C++ course, CSE 2050. The goal of the project is to create a GUI interface using C++ and a library called FLTK. We are to incorporate usual video player features to play a series of pictures one after another. NewsHow we're doing so far