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Related Projects

A set of linguistics tools

Linguistico is a linguistics tools project based on Italian language. Tools are: dictionaries, thesaurus, words definitions, scripts, programs, ... For: LibreOffice ThunderBird Mozilla FireFox - MySpell MyThes Aspell HunSpell

Heartthunder - IRSSI Script for #<3thunder

This script makes #<3thunder dead-simple. Any message you send in #<3thunder will be appropriately spaced and prefixed with the 15-length(nick) and <3 thunder. For more information, specifically on what "<3 thunder" means, its origins, and silly little things like that, please consult the XKCD wiki: Moved!I've moved project hosting to GitHub because, well, I like GitHub a heck of a lot more than Google Code. GC made sense at the time, but nearly two years h

Lightning-yosh - survive the thunder

In this game your goal is simple, you're a tiny thunder fellow trying to pass through some king of dangerous thunderstorm !! So you just have to avoid incoming lightning bolts as fast as possible. Getting touched will turn you to neo-blue


This is a browser build using WPF and the windows browser control. ThunderStorm does all the basic browser operations like browsing multiple sites using tabs, a

Cs2340-m4-ant-lab - Thunder/Dragon Ant Lab for M4

This is assignment M4 for CS2340 of gatech. It will be used for our ant lab.


ThunderSurvey is an open source online survey tools based on Ruby on Rails and MongoDB.

Urlencoder - JavaScript FlashGet, Thunder, QQ旋風網�編碼�解碼器.

JavaScript FlashGet , Thunder , QQ旋風網�編碼�解碼器. 本程�是以函�庫方�寫�,調用容易。 本程��賴javascriptbase64 < >,必須與base64.js��使用。 測試�覽器:Firefox 3.0.10�Opera 9.64�Konqueror 4.2.4

Mamushi - P2P Resource Query System

This project can query the p2p resources from Thunder Network,QQDownload,Emule Network,Bittorrent Network etc.. for example: you can put the download link into my P2P Resource Query System,can get more same resource link or p2p peers. The original download link below. and you can get many links and peers also have the same file. http link counts: 11 http node is: