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Thegame9 - javascript canvas game

This is a framework for implementing a javascript canvas game.

Space-thegame - A 3D third person space combat simulation

A completed project of 3rd year students of Saxion University of Applied Science in Enschede, the Netherlands. Project dealt with the development of an game engine for a 3D third person space combat simulation. A game based on that engine is also included. The project's configuration settings are created by the used NetBeans IDE. However portable GNU makefiles are used to build a single subproject and ANT scripts to build the complete project. The engine makes use of the following 3rd party libr

Cout-thegame - A tile-based 2D RPG game in C++

IntroductionThe purpose of this project is to develop a 2D game using C++ and SDL. The game has the ambition to be a fun role-playing game, but the main intention is to learn a thing or two about game development. ContributeWant to contribute? Send an email to slushdev \\at\\ gmail. Relevant Wiki-pagesMap specification draft User suggested data bank MiscLatest commits Screenshots: r18, r38, r46, r63, r66, r70(a), r70(b), r89

Jack-claw - Developing the code from "Jack Claw" from Frozenbyte

Greetings.This project is about improving the code from "Jack Claw" - a game by Frozenbyte. Everyone can contribute. Let's have a good time with this and make the best out of it. You can find the official source under git: Here are some graphics and concepts of the game: Source Code for Linux and Mac is out!Finally the source code for Linux and Mac is out. You can grep it from here:

tg-client-bundle-cpp - C++ client bundle for "thegame" TDD-exercise

C++ client bundle for "thegame" TDD-exercise

thegame - It the the game

It the the game

TheGame - It's the game.

It's the game.

TheGame - Just shittly little game

Just shittly little game