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A text templating class library for .NET 3.5 and 4.0 written in C#.




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text-template is a small text template library written in scheme.

Phalanx-phoenix - Train new maintainers of CPAN modules

Perl Seminar New York, sponsor of monthly technical meetings in New York City since 2000, announces the initiation of 'Phalanx Phoenix: Mentored Maintenance of CPAN Modules.'The original Phalanx project, initiated by Andy Lester, aimed at improving the code, testing and documentation of important, non-core Perl modules on CPAN. A Perl Seminar NY team met in several sessions between January and June 2005 to 'phalanx' CPAN distributions Text-Template and HTML-Template. We learned a tremendous amou

Textmetal - A zero friction open source text templating engine for .NET and Mono.

Executive SummaryTextMetal is a powerful text templating engine written in C# which uses an extensible XML-based dialect and is suitable for use in automation scenarios and code generation situations. Feel free to suggest improvements and submit bug reports using the Issues tool on the project web site. TextMetal DocumentationThe Rationale for TextMetal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Building from the Source Code Installing from the Package Running for the First Time Download and Play with Sa

Minigen - A minimal non-invasive text generator

MiniGen is a program that can generate text in any application that supports Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V for copying/pasting text based on the currently selected text in a non-invasive manner. As such, it can be used to define reusable templates (in Java Message Format, Velocity, FreeMarker or EGL) for a number of tasks such as coding, writing emails and text documents etc. across a wide range of applications (Notepad, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Word, Thunderbird, Dreamweaver or whatever other application uses C

Text-Template - Release history of Text-Template

Release history of Text-Template

Text-Template - Text::Template Perl module

Text::Template Perl module

php-tmpl - PHP TextTemplate extension

PHP TextTemplate extension

perl-Text-Template - Text::Template - expand template text with embedded Perl

Text::Template - expand template text with embedded Perl