Text Analytics

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Blogcrawler - Tools for Text Analytics

This is project will contain a mishmash of different java library implementation needed for Text Analytics.

Nltk - Natural Language Toolkit Development

NLTK — the Natural Language Toolkit — is a suite of open source Python modules, data and documentation for research and development in natural language processing. NLTK development has moved to https://github.com/nltk as of October 2011. NLTK Home - the starting point for users including download instructions Source - browse NLTK source code Issue Tracker - submit feature requests, bug reports, and patches DevelopersGuide - useful guidelines for code cutters Jenkins - automated testing of NL

Factyle-client - Client libraries for the factyle text analytics services

Factyle provides you new ways of extracting and analyzing meaning from text. This project provides client libraries in PHP, Ruby and Java to communicate with Factyle servers

Openfst-tools - finite state machine tools supplementing openfst

DescriptionA collection of command line tools and software library utilizing OpenFst. Terminologyword, a sequence of input or output symbols. A word represents a path generated through the traversal of an automaton. ex: ABC is a sequence of 3 symbols A, B, C or path A-B-C. Currently Implemented Toolsfstprintpaths, prints all paths through an acyclic automaton as a list of words and the corresponding cost of the word/path. Project Plan

text-analytics - Rails based word cloud generator and text classifier

Rails based word cloud generator and text classifier