Recruitment Web Application

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Recruitment system to employ new employee.



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Geny-base - The GenY-Base provides all bioinformatic issues used in the eLearning-software GenY.

GenYGenY is an German eLearning application for teaching molecular genetics at High School. It provides an interactive course, an calculating and analyzing tool and a test-system for the teacher, who easily can check the results of the students. GenY-BaseGenY-Base is the PHP-class collection, which was written to calculate all the bioinformatics stuff in GenY! It is definitely not intended to be as professional as BioJava or Bioperl, but it should have been a nice small introduction in those lib

Cwatchthehamster - Server/Client/Authentication/+Android backend for efficient webcam streaming

The project presents a very efficient client-/server backend to stream images from any webcam connected to a linux pc to nearly every kind of client. The server-backend uses v4l4j, client- and server-backend are completely written in java. There is a swing frontend using the client (like hosted in this project) and a beautiful android client (+widget) available in the android market. Finally in the market!!! → marketlink Server-FeaturesStream images in different FPS

Litec-4ahits0809-ppm-pr4-gr2 - This is the code from group 2 for the 4th project in LiTec's 4AHI

This project should represent a Testsystem. For complete task see the project document.

Fachpraktikum - Fachpraktikum - Gruppe B

Testsystem für die Datenbank.

Test-System - Release history of Test-System

Release history of Test-System

iptest - Testsystem til brug på Introduktion til Programmering

Testsystem til brug på Introduktion til Programmering

Test-System - Perl Test Suite for testing *systems*

Perl Test Suite for testing *systems*