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My-test-56 - Test summary

this is the description

Ofm-installer - Oracle Fusion Middleware Installer

Automated installer for Oracle Identity Manager.Note: This is a development release only. V0.02This is an ANT based installer which will download, install and configure Oracle Identity Manager. The installer will also download, install and configure: Oracle Database 11gR2 RCU BEA WLS 10.3.3 SOA SOA (Patch set) OIM OIM Bundle Patch This tool has only beed tested on 32 bit and 64 bit Oracle Linux Server release 5.6. Depending on the popularity o

Common Archiver Kit Experiment

CAKE is built for Delphi, it's a common interface for 5-6 components related to compression, that means, you can use single code to command all those components, providing open, extract, add, test, convert, find and script loading support.

Ska - Pure Python implementation of symmetric-key cryptographic algorithms.

IntroSupported algorithms and featuresInterfaceOpenssl-compat levelShortcutsLow-level functionsExampleInstallationSelf testsBugs/Todo IntroSKA (symmetric-key algorithms) is a pure Python library. It provide number of tools to encrypt and decrypt data using symmetric-key algorithms. Known cryptographic libraries are powerful, but they do not cover all aspects of symmetric-key algorithms. Apparently, due to performance purpose, their design makes it difficult to separate and reimplement the indivi

Csv-to-graph - reads a csv file and draws a graph

A simple program that reads a csv file and draws a graph with the values from the file. It can work with int and float values. When I have more time I'll make it better. Example of a file: -3,-2,-1,0,1,2, 3, 5, 6, 6, 6,6,6,6,2,6,6,5,6,4,6,5,6,4,6,5,6,3.6, 5.0, 6.00, 3.66, 5.56, 5.13, 3.6 CHANGELOG for 0.6: Added an option for Background color; Added an option for X and Y axis color; Added an option for line color; Added an option for text color; Added an option for dots color; Added an option to

Funkyphp - A simple and small PHP Framework

This small PHP framework is currently in its baby stages but currently DOES basically work. No configuration is needed and can easily support any custom PHP functions or classes through what I call "Funks". Sadly hardly any documentation is available but whenever I find time I try and add another wiki page. feel free to look at funk/pages for the actual pages which should be used as a basis of adding your own pages. To look through pages you must use "index.php/page/function" such as to get to p

Multisparks - a jQuery plugin for a sparkline comparison control

MultiSparks is a jQuery plugin that uses sparklines to compare datasets at different scales. For example, if you need to display data for a dataset with (qualitative) values between 0 and 4, one between -5 and 5 and one between 0 and 250. Rather than rely on multiple y-axes, this plugin displays each dataset as an individual sparkline with a highlighter to track the selected values across the charts. Featuressortable list of sparklines sparklines can be added or removed dynamically the display i

Php-rdp-builder - A PHP file that generates a .rdp file

rdp.php: A PHP file that will generate a .rdp file (which is just text) and redirect the visitor to the .rdp download for the user to launch an rdp session. Lots of options. If there are options you would like added let me know. Here is a good RDP option list: https://helpforsure.wordpress.com/2011/01/23/rdp-settings-for-remote-desktop-connection-version-7%E2%80%8F/ This is being used in production. It is possibly not ready for your own deployment, but it works in mine! Tested in Linux on CentOS

Xenserver-vms-live-backup - Allow live backup and exportation of Xenserver VMs

TINABS (This Is Not Another Backup Script)It is based on using the python API and tested under XenServer 5.6 FP1. I wrote this one because other methods didn't quite meet my organization needs. Description:This library allows you to create simple scripts to backup the skeleton of one or more virtual machines. By skeleton I mean the complete virtual machine structure: CPUs Memory VIFs HA stuff System disk (/ or c:\\) Data disks are not included and they are recreated empty. Features highligths:Li

Tibianic-tools - Legal (by rules of Tibia) programs made by Karelazi bundled into one program

Requirements.NET Framework 3.5 or newer (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyId=333325fd-ae52-4e35-b531-508d977d32a6&displaylang=en) Note: Windows 7 users do not need to install .NET Framework 3.5, as it is already pre-installed in Windows 7 DescriptionNone yet I apologize for not using Subversion as intended, I haven't gotten around to understanding it yet Changelogv1.56 Experience Counter Fixed using Level% causing the program to crash if you did not gain >=1% TibiaCam Add