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Related Projects

M-tune - mTuner for MTM SGS ROM

mTuner is app to tune up MTM Rom ETA for mTuner v0.1.0 : 13.03.2011 ETA for MTM JS3 Alpha Edition: 08.03.2011 --> Private testing version ETA for MTM OC Edition: 15.03.2011 ETA for MTM DU Edition: 25.03.2011 28.02.2011 - R3 added - System App control included 02.03.2011 - R4 added - Modified:SystemApps Control, Tabs, Icons // Added: TorchLight under menu 07.03.2011 - R5 added - Modified: Tabs // Added AppInstaller 10.03.2011 - R6 added - Modified: Lot of changes //Added: Config tab

Lightest - Lightweight test automation and management framework

Lightest is a task-oriented test automation framework that aims to simply the process of creating functional, integration, and domain-specific testing frameworks. It leverages the flexible TestNG execution engine with the expressiveness of the Groovy language to make writing tasks, running tests, and analyzing reports pure bliss. News2009-09-02 Lightest 0.4 has been released! 2009-06-19 Lightest 0.3 has been released!

Phpmatlab - PHP extension for reading/writing MATLAB mat files

PHP extension for reading and writing MATLAB's .mat format. This is still TOTALLY UNSTABLE (as of 03/31/09) so don't even bother yet. I haven't even tried building the project yet. Just using Google Code for source control to keep from accidentally deleting everything. Should be compiled and tested soon.

Dotnetdave - Vipa and Siemens PLC communication library

HIGHLY experimental library to communicate with Simens and compatibile PLC's writen in C#. It is based on libnodave project (http://libnodave.sourceforge.net). At the moment covers only MPI over ethernet and was tested only with VIPA 313-5BF03-0AB0

Igraphhpp - C++ wrapper for igraph

C++ wrapper for igraph (http://igraph.sf.net/) Aimed to provide a simple and efficient interface (Examples). The support of C++03 or C++0x standard by the compiler is required. Regression test: http://phz458.phys.ust.hk/igraphhpp/compiling_result.html

Robotframework - A generic test automation framework

Robot FrameworkRobot Framework is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). It has easy-to-use tabular test data syntax and utilizes the keyword-driven testing approach. Its testing capabilities can be extended by test libraries implemented either with Python or Java, and users can create new keywords from existing ones using the same syntax that is used for creating test cases. Robot Framework is open source software released under

Pyadf - Python ctypes module extension/wrapper around ADFlib "a free, portable and open impleme

pyadf is a pure python module (using ctypes) that allows access to Amiga disk images from Python it relies on ADFlib. pyadf provides: pyadf.adflib - ctypes wrapper on ADFlib - this was generated by ctypesgen pyadf - a Pythonic "easy" api to ADF images ADFlib is maintained by Laurent Clevy. For more details see http://lclevy.free.fr/adflib and http://sourceforge.net/projects/adflib pyadf currently targets Python 2.4-2.6, known to work with the CVS version of ADFlib version 0.7.10 and 0.7.11a (und

Id3tidy - A small tool to tidy up the ID3 tags information

A small tool to tidy up the ID3 tags information. It runs on all platforms (only tested on Linux and Windows). It requires JRE 6 and above. It has the following features: Fill up the ID3 tags information automatically based on the filename pattern. ID3 tag editor to read/update the ID3 tag information. Open, create, and modify the M3U playlist file. This tool is based on the wonderful JAudiotagger library. To run the tool: java -jar ID3Tidy-0.3.jarOn Windows, you can double click the ID3Tidy-0.3

Remoteobjects - AJAX Library, XHTML Component Model, JavaScript Unit Tests

Remote Objects FrameworkNews29.08.2010 Release 2.0-M3 available for download. Check the release notes for details. 13.06.2010 Release 2.0-M2 available for download. Check the release notes for details. 03.03.2010 Release 2.0-M1 available for download. Check the release notes for details. FeaturesJavaScript language extensions class, extends and requires and browser independent scripting tools JavaScript library with minimal footprint XHTML component model w/ code generator Configurable Spring We

Eclipserunnerplugin - Eclipse Runner Plugin

News22-10-2011 Version 1.3.0 released. See changelog for more info. 27-05-2011 Version 1.2.0 released. See change log for more info. 16-05-2011 Eclipse runner supports installation via Marketplace in Eclipse >3.5 15-05-2011 Version 1.1.0 released. See change log for more info. 29-03-2010 First stable version 1.0.0 released. See Installation notes. 29-03-2010 New screenshots released here. 21-03-2010 we're about to release the first version of Eclipse Runner Plugin. Estimated release date 05-04-2