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Open source dbExpress drivers

DbExpress driver for ODBC. Supports Delphi 7 amp; 6.02, BCB 6, and Kylix 2 amp; 3. Tested against many Databases including: Microsoft SqlServer, Oracle, IBM DB2, Centura SqlBase, MySql, Microsoft Access, and

Orderpics - Tiny Tool to process sorting of pictures

Short IntroCurrently just a python script which copies picture and movie files from current directory to folders which are named respectively to the date of the files. Mainly I use this small script to order my digicam pictures before copying it to my Picasa folders. Way better than all of the Import process of Picasa :) Imagine having files like: PIC1.JPG - 2008/02/09 PIC2.JPG - 2008/02/09 PIC3.JPG - 2008/02/10 PIC4.JPG - 2008/02/11 PIC5.JPG - 2008/02/12 Starting the script will copy the files

Testngroove - Test'N'Groove represents the integration of TestNG testing framework and Groov

Test'N'Groove (read as in Test and Groove) is the integration of Groovy (http://groovy.codehaus.org) and TestNG (http://testng.org). This enables writting TestNG test directly in Groovy scripting language. Note: starting with revision 5068 (2007-02-15), Groovy has full support for annotation usage. Considering this, an integration with TestNG was imminent, so here it is.

Lightest - Lightweight test automation and management framework

Lightest is a task-oriented test automation framework that aims to simply the process of creating functional, integration, and domain-specific testing frameworks. It leverages the flexible TestNG execution engine with the expressiveness of the Groovy language to make writing tasks, running tests, and analyzing reports pure bliss. News2009-09-02 Lightest 0.4 has been released! 2009-06-19 Lightest 0.3 has been released!

Gwt-diagrams - Diagrams library for Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Summarygwt-diagrams is GWT library which provides diagramming capability to web applications. Demo is available here. Notes02.10.2008: gwt-diagrams 0.2-RC00 is now available for download, requires GWT 1.5. Work on stable release version is in progress ... 13.03.2008: there are some delays in development of 0.2 version. Actual preview is still here. 0.2.RC01 is expected till end of March and stable 0.2 release is expected at end of April. 20.01.2008: development of 0.2 release is pending. You can

Palm2ical - Reads Palm Desktop datebook.dat and outputs a iCalendar file

This is a PHP script that reads a Palm Desktop (Tested with 4.1.4) datebook.dat file and comes up with a iCalendar format file for use in anything supporting RFC 2445. Download link is on the right hand side.I have also written a decoder for address.dat, but nothing beyond putting birthdays on my google calendar has been done.:: Tested with ::Google Calendar,Apple iCal 2.0.3,Mozilla Sunbird 0.2RC2,Sept 13th remaining issuesGoogleCalendar is anal about EXDATE like iCal is.Sunbird 0.2RC2 doesn't w

Phoenix-arcade-project - An open source Windows, Linux, Mac project done in Python with the goal of

The Phoenix Arcade Project is an open source Windows, Linux, Mac project done in Python with the goal of making multiple arcade games. Current VersionSource - V1.00.02 Alpha (Most Stable - Unfinished) Windows Binaries - V1.00.01 Alpha (Unfinished) Linux/Mac Binaries - V1.00.02 Alpha (Most Stable - Unfinished) DownloadingDevelopers download latest source Linux/Mac users download "PAP-LinuxMac-V##.##" or test "PAP-LinuxMac-V##.##.##Beta" Windows users download "PAP-Windows-V##.##" or test "PAP-Win

Wielo - py4math

py4mathpy4math (voorheen WIelo) is een systeem om wiskunde mee te oefenen. Op dit moment is py4math: Het spijkerbord in ontwikkeling op deze website. De huidige versie is 0.3. Changelog0.3 (27-02-2008) Wat kleine foutjes verbeterd. Legenda duidelijker gemaakt. Twee nieuwe opgaven: Lengte lijnstukken II en Speciale driehoeken. Nieuwe XML-tag: <legendinfo>. Kan extra info in legenda weergeven. Wordt nu gebruikt voor de hoeken aan te geven voor de Speciale driehoeken. 0.2 (25-02-2008) (nog even wat

Seide - Seide SEDA Framework

Project Moved to GitHubhttp://github.com/germanklf/seide What is Seide?Seide Framework is a reference implementation intended to provide high performance multi threaded processing based on SEDA principles. Highly inspired by the Cassandra's implementation and proved performance, scalability and robustness. Each step of the workflow is defined by a Stage and implemented by an EventHandler, each Event defined is tied to an EventHandler, that does the real work and decides what are the next events