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TEncoder is a multithreaded video converter that uses MEncoder, MPlayer and FFMpeg. It can convert almost every video type to each other. Subtitles with same name as video can be hard-coded into video. Up to 8 simultaneous encoders can be run. You can select between multiple a...




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SGI's Video Converter GUI

THIS TOOL IS NO LONGER DEVELOPED, TRY TOOLS LIKE TENCODER. This tool is a GUI for FFMpeg and Mencoder. With the power of these tools, you can convert your videos into various formats, add subtitles, extract audio, and also rip DVDs. You can download videos from online video pages.

Jruce - MapReduce implementation in Java

DescriptionThis is a Java implementation of the MapReduce concept. The main goal is to provide robust implementation in terms of usage and simplicify of used technologies and design patterns. Implementation doesn't relay on Java features like RMI or Reflection so it can be easily rewritten to other languages, like C++ or python. It doesn't use any other third party libraries so it is very light. The API is very simple and looks like this one used in reference documentation about MapReduce by Goo

Controldemotoreductordcconencoderabsoluto - Proyecto Control de Motoreductor DC con encoder absoluto

Proyecto Control de Motoreductor DC con encoder absoluto Requerimientos: Fase 1: Implementar un circuito electrónico (con microcontrolador) que le permita a un usuario el control LOCAL de un motoreductor DC, por medio de tres mandos manuales: •\tPerilla V (potenciómetro) : \tOrdena la velocidad de giro de un motor •\tInterruptor A:\t\t\tDetermina el encendido / apagado del motor. •\tInterruptor B: \t\t\tFija el sentido de giro. Fase 2: Al motoreductor DC se le debe adaptar: •\tCodifica