Auto fill template generator (word)

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This program was designed to help the automate generation of files using keywords.



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HPPC - High Performance Primitive Collections for Java

HPPC provides template-generated implementations of typical collections, such as lists, sets and maps, for all Java primitive types. The primary driving force behind HPPC is optimization for highest performance and memory efficiency.

Solution template generator

Solution template generator, gets a .SLN file containing multiple projects and then converts it to a .VSIX file.

Mta-project - Magento Translator Assistant

Magento Translator AssistantMta aims to make development of Magento translations easier & faster. Mta supports: Merge localizations (apply translations from one to another) Generating patch (for example, containing all untranslated phrases or phrases by template) Applying patch to localization You need Java to use mta. To run mta in Linux You may use shell script: In Windows: java -jar mta.jar Merge Translations-merge -from [path] -to [path] This operation added translation, founded in o

Template-Generate - Release history of Template-Generate

Release history of Template-Generate


A simple passive code/template generator. Generates code once and then gives up all responsibility for it.

Xcode-4-Template-Generator - Script to help in the process of making Xcode 4 Templates.

Script to help in the process of making Xcode 4 Templates.