Basic SMTP Telnet Client

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Mythpywii - A Wii remote (wiimote) interface to MythTV

MythPyWiiA Wii remote (wiimote) interface to MythTV, written in Python. This project uses MythFrontend's telnet interface combined with the CWiiD python interface to allow you to control MythTV using your Wii Remote. Trouble shootingTypeError: wmcb() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)You're using a more recent version of CWiiD - simple fix:The fix is simple – change line 141: def wmcb(self, messages):to: def wmcb(self, messages, timeIgnore):Thanks to Mike H for pointing out this issue. No blu

SMTP Dialog

Simple application to test SMTP connections. In comparison to a raw telnet to port 25, this app lets you test secure SMTP (TLS) and authentication.

Syncless - asynchronous client and server library using Stackless Python

Syncless is a non-blocking (asynchronous) concurrent client and server socket network communication library for Stackless Python 2.6 (and also for regular Python with greenlet). For high speed, Syncless uses libev (and libevent) for event notification, and parts of Syncless' code is implemented in Pyrex/Cython and C. This alone makes Syncless faster than many other non-blocking network libraries for Python. Syncless contains an asynchronous DNS resolver (using evdns) and a HTTP server capable of

As3ansi - Library for parsing and viewing extended ASCII (IBM code page 437) into AS3 for use in Fla

Examples: FLASHTERM Flashterm is an ANSI capable telnet terminal for the web written for the Adobe Flash Player plugin. ANSI VIEWER This viewer simulates 80x25 line scrolling. It can display any online ANSI file. There is an address bar at the bottom that can launch other files, or you could direct link into it by adding a "file" URL parameter. sixteen colors by tainted Center by zeroVision Pharcyde by h7 blocktronics logo (b7) by avg Scum by Noches & zeroVision

Mmfm - MiniManager for Project MANGOS Server

Originally posted by QSA (Minimanager Creator) ABOUTMiniManager for Project MANGOS Server is a PHP web front end to provide easy access to Mangos server management side. Manage/add/remove/edit/lock/ban/ect. User ccounts/characters, manage DB and server itself. It is small, easy to use, flexible tool. MiniManager entirely based on database provided by mangos and does not required any external add-ons. The user access level is based on server Mangos account's gmlevel, in other words if you have an

Puttycn - PuTTY Chinese Version

PuTTY: 自由的 Telnet/SSH 客户端(中文版)PuTTY 是自由的跨平å�° Telnet/SSH 客户端,å�Œæ—¶åœ¨ Win32 å’Œ Unix 系统下模拟 xterm 终端。其主è¦�作者是 Simon Tatham。 当å‰�版本为 0.62 测试版,请访问 PuTTY 网站获得更多信æ�¯ã€‚如果å�‘现英文版本有更新,请å�Šæ—¶é€šçŸ¥ã€‚ 中文版说明从 0.59 版本开始已ç»�修改了默认的字体设置为“新宋体, 12 点â€�,并设置 GB2312_CHARSET 字符集。é…�å�ˆç®€å�•çš„ Locale 定义å�³å�¯æ˜

Postfilter - An INN2 perl filter for local messages

Postfilter READMEIntroductionpostfilter is an antispam filter for InterNetNews, a widely used NNTP server. Unlike cleanfeed - which checks remote articles, those messages sent through other sites - postfilter scans local posts and tries to reject spam and various abuses. Even if it's designed for large sites, notably USENET servers, postfilter can be safety used also by small or private hosts that need a less strong protection against abuses. Requirements INN >= 2.4.0 compiled with perl support.

Largemail - LargeMail - Large Size Attachment Emailing, OS Independent, 100% Free

LargeMailEmail System with Large Size Attachmentv0.11 Alpha, 2007.11 개발ìž� : ì�´ìŠ¹ëž˜/í•œìƒ�ì›�, 기íš� : 김종준 (ìƒ�ë‹´ì�€ 위키ì—�ì„œ) ë�¼ì§€ë©”ì�¼ì�€ 대용량 첨부파ì�¼ì�„ ë‹´ì•„ ë©”ì�¼ì�´ 가능합니다.- 첨부파ì�¼ì�˜ 사ì�´ì¦ˆ 용량제한ì�´ 없습니다. ë�¼ì§€ë©”ì�¼ì�˜ 관리ìž�ê°€ 설정한 제한치(최대 수십기가)ì—� 육박하는 첨부 파ì�¼ë�„ 보낼 수 있습니다. 게다가 첨부 파ì�¼ì�„ 업로드하는 ë�„중ì—� 프로그래스바가 ë³´ì�´ë¯€ë¡œ 진í–

fics-proxy - A telnet proxy between FICS and a client, such as Thief 1.25

A telnet proxy between FICS and a client, such as Thief 1.25