Telegard/2 Operating Sub System (BBS)

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Telegard/2, also known as OpenTelegard/2 is a rewrite of the Telegard BBS software in the JRuby language. It uses a rich ANSI Console interface for user interaction, and embedded H2 database engine, and templating system for displaying menus and information.



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Revival/2k is a modular BBS/suite of internet servers and a web-site management system. It consists of multiple web applications (forums, mail, login, etc), internet servers (NNTP, POP3, etc) and a Telegard/Renegade styled telnet server all interacting

tgbackup - Telegard Backup

Telegard Backup

tgprot - The Telegard Protocol Pack

The Telegard Protocol Pack

teleport - Telegard Callers in Portal of Power

Telegard Callers in Portal of Power

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