TeamCity configuration monitor

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Monitors and backups TeamCity configuration to a TFS repository.



Related Projects


tcPlugins is a collection of plugins for TeamCity. tcWebHooks is a plugin for TeamCity which allows project admins to configure webhooks for a project in TeamCity. tcPrettyEmail is a HTML email notifier for TeamCity.


Binary Repository Manager for Maven, Ivy, Gradle modules, etc. Supports hosting and remote proxying of artifacts - browsable, secure, annotated amp; searchable. Integrates with CI servers, like Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo, for fully traceable builds.

Tcmobile - TeamCity mobile web interface plugin

Plugin for JetBrains Teamcity Continuous Integration server, which allows web-access to the critical data and information from mobile devices.

Team-build-status - A plugin for teamcity visualizing the build status

A plugin for teamcity visualizing the build status. Forked from team-piazza,

Teamcity-python - Python runner plugin for JetBrains TeamCity

Runner that allows TeamCity users to simple run python scripts in different operating systems. Current version: In order to install plugin, just rename the downloaded file to, put it into the <TeamCity_data_dir>/plugins and restart TeamCity server.


A standalone Windows application to displays project build statuses from TeamCity. It can be used on a large screen for the whole development team to watch their build statuses as well as on a developer machine.

Tfs TeamCity issue tracker

A plugin to integrate TFS work items with TeamCity

Buildstatusnotifier - TeamCity notifier for app engine application :

DescriptionThat TeamCity notifier will notify the build-status application for the current project name, according to last build status (passed or failed). That build-status application shows simply a green or red screen according to last build status. InstallationJust place the jar file in your Teamcity/webapps/WEB-INF/lib folder and restart teamcity. Then, log in and go to "My settings and tools" to enable the "Build status AppEngine Notifier". Then, after a build, check your logs (stdout or c

build-status AppEngine application

This is the project website for the AppEngine build-status application : You may also be interested in the TeamCity build-status notifier.