TBA Ioctl Decoder (Cracker)

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Provides a database of IOCTL codes defined by the Microsoft SDK and WDK. The database and lookup logic are written in JavaScript, suitable for placing in a web page. A cmd/WSH command-line interface to the database is also provided.




Related Projects


A library, GUI and sample cli script for managing Data Robotics storage units on Linux. (http://www.drobo.com) There is a library, Drobo.py, which implements the ioctl interface defined in the published specs and code samples.

GiGaHeRz SPU2 and CDVD Plugins

SPU2ghz is a SPU2 plugin for the PlayStation 2 emulator PCSX2 (and other that use the same plugin API). cdvdGigaherz is a CD/DVD plugin using win32 IoCtl calls to access real drives.

Lpantilt - pan or tilt your logitech sphere webcam from python

This is a module for interfacing with the v4l2 pan and tilt controls - as used on the logitech sphere webcams - using python. This module uses cython and ioctl to inject commands. The original goal was to have a commandline interface to pan and tilt in x,y steps and z speed. This will be very easy to create once we have a usable library. The code works as is. But it should be considered alpha stage. I'd like some help to take this further.

Device-memory-readwrite - Read and/or Write to any memory location (RAM or H/W IO Memory) on a devic

This project enables the user to read from and/or write to any generic memory location(s) on a device running the 2.6 Linux OS (or later). This includes "regular" RAM as well as hardware IO Memory that's mapped into the kernel virtual address space. In fact, the driver will perform the mapping, given the hardware base address and length. The read/write utility programs run in user-land and talk to the underlying kernel driver via the ioctl system call. This could be extremely useful for driver a

Optical Device Manipulator

ODMan (Optical Device Manipulator) uses specific commands (IOCTLs) to manipulate, enable or disable features, retrieves the identify information from CD/DVD drives, and executes transfer rate tests


Snort2c attempts to be a improved version of snort2pf wrote by Stephan Schmieder with some advantages: kqueue, pf table support, pf ioctl's calls and others. It works monitoring snort's alertfile and blocking attackers ip using pf calls.

MODEST - MOdifyDEScripTor -

Modest is an LKM piece of code that allows users, running a user-space control application which interacts with kmodest char driver using ioctl() syscalls, to redirect I/O write() or writev() system calls to a second file descriptor at runtime.

Ioctlfuzzer - Automating the task of searching vulnerabilities in Windows kernel drivers

General informationIOCTL Fuzzer is a tool designed to automate the task of searching vulnerabilities in Windows kernel drivers by performing fuzz tests on them. The fuzzer’s own driver hooks NtDeviceIoControlFile in order to take control of all IOCTL requests throughout the system. While processing IOCTLs, the fuzzer will spoof those IOCTLs conforming to conditions specified in the configuration file. A spoofed IOCTL is identical to the original in all respects except the input data, which is


A library for manipulating loopback devices. Easier than doing IOCTLs manually and more efficient that running an external program. Relatively complete, but needs some work on the API.

V4l4j - A java package to access the Capture interface of the Video4Linux API

v4l4j projectWelcome to the v4l4j project site. Here, you will find information on the v4l4j software package, some documentation and various related links. What is v4l4j ?Video4Linux4Java (v4l4j) is a GPL'd java package providing simple access to the capture interface of the Video4Linux (V4L) API from Java. Using v4l4j, an application can: retrieve information about a video device, such as the number and type of video inputs, supported image formats, resolutions & video standards and available