SharePoint 2010 Taxonomy Import Utility

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Build SharePoint 2010 taxonomies from XML. The SharePoint 2010 Taxonomy Import Utility allows taxonomy authors to define complete taxonomies in XML format instead of manual creation via SharePoint Term Store Management or CSV files. It the facilitates deployment to SharePoint.



Related Projects


DeltaQt is part of the FreeDelta project and aims to implement a parser for DELTA (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) files using the Qt core framework. DeltaQt is a library intended to be incorporated into other applications that require the ability to parse DELTA files.

Croogo - Content Management System built on CakePHP framework

Croogo is a content management system, built on top of CakePHP framework. It provides support to Create pages, Taxonomy, WYSIWYG Editor, Threaded comments, Email notification, Spam protection, Search engine friendly URLs, File Manager, Users and Group administration, File Manager, Custom fields and lot more.

Bio4j - Bioinformatics Graph based DB

Bio4j is a bioinformatics graph based DB including most data available in Uniprot KB (SwissProt + Trembl), Gene Ontology (GO), UniRef (50,90,100), RefSeq, NCBI Taxonomy, and Expasy Enzyme DB. Bio4j provides a completely new and powerful framework for protein related information querying and management. Since it relies on a high-performance graph engine, data is stored in a way that semantically represents its own structure.


The Free DELTA Project is a free, open-source, software alternative for a generic system to the processing of taxonomic descriptions based on the DELTA (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) format.


HitKeeper is a database application for use in BioInformatics. It deals with quot;hitsquot; (predicted features) on biological sequences (protein, DNA), handles incremental updates effectively, supports taxonomy, and provides original query tools.

Taxonomy - Tools for taxonomic naming and annotation

This project provides tools to perform the following operations: Download the NCBI taxonomy and create a local representation in a relational database (for now sqlite only). SQLAlchemy provides an ORM layer. Reconstruct a taxonomic lineage given a taxon identified by tax_id or tax_name Look up taxonomic names by tax_id and vice-versa. Update the taxonomy with custom taxa.

Gellish - A Product Modeling Language

Development of the Gellish Modeling Method for knowledge representation, modeling of requirements, facilities, products and their properties and of Gellish and its English Dictionary, Taxonomy and Ontology and a universal database implementation method.

Orchard Taxonomies Module

The Orchard Taxonomies module adds a way to manage taxonomies, and assign them to specific content types, thus allowing content classification and filtering.

Pyglos - A RESTful Web 2.0 Glossary Taxonomy application

Built on Turbgears 2.0 (pylons), Postgres, xapian, nltk