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Related Projects

Tasktime - time tracking software

Tasktime lets a single user track and report time spent on a project and tasks. The data is stored in an XML file and the report can be customized using XSLT. Invaluable for anyone who has to report time worked on multiple projects.

Rd-tasktime-profiler - Profile and view RedDwarf task execution time

OverviewThis project contains a simple tool for profiling RedDwarf servers. It stores total, min, max and average execution time for each task as well as count, fail rate and fail time. Additionally it provides a viewer to view and sort the results. InstallationDownload TaskTimeProfiler-0.1.jar. Add it to your server's classpath (i.e. copy to lib folder). In your server properties file add com.enthusiastudios.sgs.profile.listener.TaskTimeListener to the com.sun.sgs.impl.kernel.profile.listeners

Moosetracks - Task/Time Managment Software, built to intergrate with bug-tracking

Task/Time Management Software, built to integrate with bug-tracking. Initially built to attach to Bugzilla 3.0

tracker - Simple task/time tracker

Simple task/time tracker


TaskTimer is a Qt based timer application for managing tasks.


A no-frills task/time tracker


a simple task timer in python

task-timer - Simple task timer package

Simple task timer package

tasktime - Simple command line utility for time tracking.

Simple command line utility for time tracking.

task-timer - Backbone/Chrome App

Backbone/Chrome App