Task Switcher

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A C# class library that provides task listing and switching functionality - similar to that of alt+tab.




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Activatebynum - Quick task switching with Win+[1,2,...,0]

DescriptionActivateByNum enables Windows 7 task-switching hotkeys on XP and Vista. Windows Logo Key +1 switches to the first window on the taskbar and Windows Logo Key +2 the second, etc. (It works with only the first 10 windows. The particular window is minimized if it's already active.) For a collapsed group of window buttons, repeatedly pressing the same Windows Logo Key +n combination (where n is the position of the group on the taskbar) will cycle through each window in the group. New June

Managermultitask - MultiTask Manager

MultiTask Manager is an app to switcher/manager the application running and recently look & feel like iphone 4.0.. Features:Press Home Button to open like an Home Replacement Press long on find button to opened it Press long on app's icon to kill it Press Menu to:-change the layout -change background (more 20 pattern) -set margin -set the number of applications displayed -check preferred applications -check ingnored applications -and more and more options http://code.google.com/p/managermultitas

Android-underground - Lightweight tools for Android power users and developers

DescriptionA fast, efficient task switcher for your favorite applications, Underground hooks into the Home key so it's always available. Unlike other Android task managers, no clumsy notification is needed. For more information, see my original blog entry. You can browse Underground's Market entry via Cyrket. I'm also keeping a few other projects here, which are also open-source (in this case, I've got a simple webkit host named "Cobweb" and a developer tool/Locale plugin named Intent Lab). Unde

skippy-xd - a full-screen task-switcher for X11

a full-screen task-switcher for X11


A multi-threaded API that allows task-switching at the c/c++ level with both preemptive and cooperative schedulers

MSP430-TASK-SWITCHER - small task switching demonstration code for msp430.

small task switching demonstration code for msp430.

TaskSwitching - Task Switching Experiment for Cognitive Science Studies

Task Switching Experiment for Cognitive Science Studies