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This project is an effort to implement the coding examples given in the TASK MANAGER video series into a working DotNetNuke program.




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Taskwin - yet another todo-list manager

TaskWin beta2011-06-04 New version available! See what's changed. FeaturesCompletely portable - it's just 1 application file (+ 1 settings file, that will be created in the same folder with first run) Saves tasks to simple text files You can select any folder on disk to save task files If you select a folder within your Dropbox, SugarSync or any other sync service folder, you can easily sync tasks between your computers! Extremely simple - no unnecesarry controls Keyboard friendly - hit

Taskblocks - Simple task scheduling application

Task Blocks is an application that can help you to schedule projects consisted of many tasks in case every task is solved just by one person and people doesn't work on more tasks at the same time. If you are interested, see screenshots or go to the download section and try it. Simple readme containing installation instructions is also available. AboutFor purposes of our project I needed simple utility to schedule tasks. There are available some scheduling applications (Gantt Project, MS Project,

TaskManager-04 - Mobile and Distributed Systems Course Assignment 4

Mobile and Distributed Systems Course Assignment 4