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A TAPI library form Windows CE and Windows Mobile devices.



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A TAPI driver for SIP. SIPTAPI gives you a click2dial feature with any TAPI enabled application (e.g. MS Outlook) and SIP PBX/proxy. This is the quot;freequot; version of SIPTAPI. There is also an enhanced commercial version available at

TurboPower Async Professional

Async Professional is a comprehensive communications toolkit for Embarcadero Delphi, C++Builder, & ActiveX environments. It provides direct access to serial ports, TAPI, and the Microsoft Speech API. It supports faxing, terminal emulation, VOIP, & more.

ATAPI - Managed TAPI wrapper for TAPI 2.0

Managed .NET library for interacting with the Microsoft Telephony API (TAPI) 2.x. This library is for creating clients that consume telephony services on Windows XP or better.

ITAPI3 - Managed .NET Library for TAPI 3.0 Development

This C++/CLI library is for applications that want to access TAPI 3.x functions. The existing .NET RCW cannot be used with TAPI 3.0 due to some issues in the TAPI 3.0 COM library. This wrapper works around those issues and provides a proper wrapped implementation.


With TapiRex, you will always know who is calling you at the first ring of your telephone! If you are using Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005® or Windows Vista Media Center as your Home Media Center, TapiRex can even make this fabulous product better! In mceTapiRexv2 we...


a .NET Windows TAPI Dialer With Outlook Contects Support

Capicon - ISDN CAPI Tester

Interative GUI utility for testing ISDN CAPI - like Microsoft TAPI Browser for TAPI. C++/MFC, Windows

TAPI Connector for Dynamics CRM 2011

Open source Caller ID screenpop/CTI for TAPI enabled phone systems. Simply install the TAPI software on your computer then configure this to connect to Dynamics

Admobapi - AdMob Java Api

WelcomeThis is a simple Java library to connect to the AdMob statistics server. With this you can include stats on your specific ads, ad groups, campaigns or sites straight into your Java applications. This was written to support a Windows Desktop Gadget and as such error checking was not very important for us to complete however I have created an exceptions class that you can expand on for your needs. If you would like to further this project or provide constructive input for changes please fee

Restobiz - Resto Business

TentangRestobiz adalah Free/Open Source Software untuk membantu mengelola usaha restoran anda. Pada awalnya Restobiz dikembangkan secara khusus untuk Taman Hidangan Godhong Gedhang di Samarinda. Namun dengan pertimbangan agar aplikasi ini dapat digunakan secara meluas, akhirnya beberapa bagian aplikasi ini distandarkan agar mencangkup kebutuhan restoran-restoran lain pada umumnya. Restobiz gratis karena memang dibuat dengan bahasa pemrograman, tool (IDE) dan pustaka (library) yang gratis. Restob