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A small library to enable decoupled communication between different components (even across process boundaries).



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Tau10a-wave-toto - Collaborative Toto extension for google wave

The Wave TotoThe Wave Toto application enables a few friends to collaborate while filling out an online Toto form, by leveraging Google’s Wave platform to ensure collaboration among all the players. So how does it work? The Wave Toto populates the gadget with a fresh set of matches, recommendations, statistics and results automatically from online data sources every Monday. In addition, the application allows the players to discuss what to fill out using a talkback mechanism, consult with othe

Talkback-client - TalkBack a secure protocol for LinkBack Notifications

TalkBack is a secure protocol for LinkBack notification designed to prevent the blogosphere from being spammed. This project contains the open-source implementation of the talkback client side. We also provide a basic but fully functional client to help you getting started.

Ilikeil - PR system for Israel

Welcome to ILIKE-IL The VisionImproving the image of the state of Israel by Creating an organized platform for users to react on hostile articles and talkbacks concerning the State of Israel. HowThe app searches articles in the web that cause bad reputation for Israel. These news articles usually contain abusive comments from anti-Israeli users. The pro-Israeli users can contribute by commenting back on these talkbacks. check out our site at

Android-daisy-epub-reader - Open reader for DAISY 2.02 Audio Books

A collaborative project to create an open-source electronic book reader that will support various formats including DAISY and epub content. Currently the software is limited to supporting Daisy 2.02 format 'Talking Books', thankfully there are 100,000's of these books available from various sources, particularly in Europe. The application requires a minimum of version 1.5 of Android (also known as 'cupcake'). When the application is installed on a device with version 1.6 or later with TalkBack i


talkbackcheck is a peice of code that will check if talkback is working on the device or not


A multiprotocol chat client for Android

talkback - accessibility tool for visually impaired

accessibility tool for visually impaired


XMPP clients (iOS - Android)

TalkBack - TGHL iPad app

TGHL iPad app


a demo project to learn event handling (this case basic echo console)