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Related Projects

eFront - Refreshing eLearning

eFront LMS is an easy to use, visually attractive, SCORM certified, Ajax powered, eLearning and talent management platform.


Make a lasting impression!

Aiesec-zeus - Talent Management Tool for AIESEC

A experience based talent management tool developed for AIESEC Jaipur to monitor and track its membership.

Talentcalc - World of Warcraft (WoW) Talent calculator for the Desktop

This is my GUI project for GUI Programming class. I'm using QT Jambi (QT's Java api) as the graphical toolkit.

Php-learning-portal - NetDimensions Talent Suite Portal Template

A basic template for a PHP portal site that calls NetDimensions Talent Suite's API using delegated authentication. To configure delegated authentication you will need to rename the file named config_sample.php to config.php and then edit the values of the variables described below. $ekp_base needs to point to the base URL of the NetDimensions Talent Suite site. $auth_key should have the same value as the authentication.key property defined in ekp.properties. Create a user in NetDimensions Talent

Develworks - A open source version of a word document processing system.

A open source version of a word document processing system. Created in c++ and activly maintained by talented individuals. Able to read .Doc files and possible .xls files in the future.



Skills-angband - Sangband - Skill's Angband - a roguelike descendant of Angband

Skills Angband, or Sangband for short, is the oldest variant of Angband still active; many long-time players remember it with great fondness. It was among the first roguelikes anywhere to introduce skills, shapechanges, fully-fledged natural and necromantic realms, and special character talents. Whole webpages have been devoted to its features, and many a game developer has been influenced by them.

Grawlix - A 2D online game maker and engine.

Grawlix is an online game engine written in Boo that focuses on ease of use and customization. Currently it is in its infant stages, focusing on system architecture. If you have any questions or think you might want to help out, drop a line to nagelbagel at gmail. We could always use a talented hand.

Aether-php - A PHP framework for fast and easy development

Code. Deploy. Relax.Aether is created specifically for fast and easy development. With features like scaffolding, a GUI management panel, and a deploy utility, making a PHP application has never been easier! Aether is currently under construction and is not ready for release. However, we are always looking for extra talent, so if you are interested in helping out, contact us!