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A Windows Live Writer plugin that automatically sets the width property of every table to a configurable value prior to publishing the post.



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Dynamicentity - Use seam and facelet to develop a dynamic entity project

All entity are dyanmic. That means there's no a full picture of the entity class, database tablese, relations... Even the layout of each page is not known... The only one we have is meta data. The definations of entities, and the layout, but they are only available at runtime. This project demos how to develop such project in a java ee enviroment in JPA, Seam, facelet with some useful utilities including javassist, hibernate

Arduino-edb - Extended Database Library for the Arduino

OverviewThis is a re-implementation of the database library originally written by Madhusudana das found here: This version increases the maximum number of records allowed in a database from 256 records (byte) to a theoretical maximum of 4,294,967,295 records (unsigned long). The maximum record size was also increased from 256 bytes (byte) to 65,534 bytes (unsigned int). With these changes, it is now possible to use this library in conjunction


Lua module to facilitate a safer and more consistent working with standard lua-tables, table-sizes, nils, insert, remove, add, default values, permanent keys, constraints, iterators,etc.

TableSize2 - Demo how to create an iPhone table that doesn't take up the whole screen

Demo how to create an iPhone table that doesn't take up the whole screen