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Listocracy - Open Format Television Data

ListocracyIntroductionTrying to find television listing data has been a long process. Currently there are no free and open solutions for finding television listing data in the United States. Schedules Direct offers open formated television listings for only $20 a year. We fully support that (more legit) option if your project needs something a little more concrete. Requirementslistocracy is a set of PHP functions that can find a list of television providers based on a zip code, and then produce

Bspell - source code spell checking

bSpell is used for checking the spelling of the source code, including java, xml, properties, etc. ANT Taskit includes an ant task <bspell>\t<configuration spellCheckConfig="${fant.etc.dir}/bspell/spellCheck.config"\t\t format="console"\t\t dictionary="${fant.etc.dir}/bspell/english.jar"\t\t reservedDict="${fant.etc.dir}/bspell/reserved.dict"\t\t registry="${fant.etc.dir}/bspell/registry.txt"/>\t<fileset dir="${}" includes="**/*.java **/*.properties"/>\t<fileset dir="${src.main.

Custom-combobox - jQuery plugin to replace html dropdown element

Custom-combobox is a jQuery plugin that replaces the html dropdown, as featured on An array or a collection of objects can be used to fill the dropdown. It also supports formating the data in the dropdown with a template. The plugin also has edge detection which keeps the dropdown from spilling over the edges of the window. Only 5k! Works with jQuery 1.3.2 & 1.4.2 Revisions2/10/10 - Added "topMsg" option, lets you add a message in the input box when first loaded Browser Suppo

Ebu-radiovis-webplayer - RadioVIS player for Web Browser

RadioVIS player for Web Browser (compatible chrome, ie, firefox and safari) It includes a stomp to comet interface and make the radioDNS resolution. Installationexample code: <html><!--/*Copyright (C) 2010 European Broadcasting Union*//*This file is part of ebu-radiovis-ajaxplayer. is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modifyit under the terms of the GNU General Public License aspublished by

4th - 4tH is a Forth compiler with a little difference.

Instead of the standard Forth engine 4tH features a conventional compiler. 4tH is a very small compiler that can create bytecode, C-embeddable bytecode, standalone executables, but also works fine as a scripting language. It supports about 95% of the ANS Forth CORE wordset and features conditional compilation, pipes, files, assertions, forward declarations, enumerations, unions, structures, suspended execution, recursion, include files, etc. It comes with an RPN calculator, line editor, preproce

Mllib - Fast, open-source, and simple development library for Wii

The MLlib (or Minishlink's Library) is a simple library to develop on Nintendo Wii. Technically, it's a wrapper of libogc and others librairies. Coding with this lib on Wii is way easier now ! :-) More info here. TemplateHere's the simple code to have the program running on Wii : #include <MLlib.h>int main(int argc, char **argv) {\tML_Init();\tML_SplashScreen(); // You can delete this instruction, but please let it if you can :)\t\t\twhile(1)\t{\t\tif(Wiimote[0].Newpress.Home) ML_Exit();\t\t\t\t

WorkFlow Engine .NET

Workflow Engine component developed in C#.NET. Workflow Engine is State Machine. Workflow process scheme represented as XML (or T4 template generator). Workflow process scheme include: - Verification of the current status - Determine the authority of users - Executing...

Cbcjava - A java development suite for the CBC.

Project Has MovedThis project has been renamed to CBCJVM and has moved to github. You can find the latest source and downloads here: Examplepublic class Main {\tpublic static void main(String[] args) { CBC.init(null, false);\t\tSystem.out.println("CBC Low Level Example!");\t\t// There are helper classes that makes this more Object Oriented\t\tCBC.motor.motor(0, 100);\t\tSystem.out.println("Press the sensor to stop the motor!");\t\twhile(! {\

Aop4php - AOP implementation for PHP by proxy-classes

IntroductionInstallPlease, download latest version of library from Downloads section or checkout from SVN. Upack package file to your project directory. Usageinclude('aop/AOPProvider.class.php');include('aop/AOPProxy.class.php');include('classes/Test.class.php');// array config example$points1 = array(\tarray(\t\t'point' => array('class'=>'Test','method'=>'insert'),\t\t'event'\t => 'before',\t\t'advice'=> array('adviceController','insert')\t),\tarray(\t\t'point' => array('class'=>'Test','method'

Cs373-collatz-jgr397 - Collatz 3n+1

Background: Problems in Computer Science are often classified as belonging to a certain class of problems (e.g., NP, Unsolvable, Recursive). In this problem you will be analyzing a property of an algorithm whose classification is not known for all possible inputs. The Problem: Consider the following algorithm: \t\t input n 2. \t\t print n 3. \t\t if n = 1 then STOP 4. \t\t \t\t if n is odd then 5. \t\t \t\t else 6. \t\t GOTO 2 Given the input 22, the following sequence of numbers will be printed