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Related Projects


Open Source software (PHP) managing iCal (rfc2445) files, for non-calendar systems like CMS, project mgmt systems etc. able to manage calendar information like agendas, tasks, reports, totos, journaling data and communicate with calendar software.

jAllinOne ERP/CRM/Mobile/eCommerce

JAllInOne is a suite of products First of all, it is an ERP/CRM SOA based application having a Swing UI. It manages item variants, warehouse, selling, POS, provisioning, order tracking, BOM, manufactures, accounting, callouts, agenda, documents and supports multiple languages/companies/currencies. JAllInOne Mobile is an Ajax based application, tuned for mobile devices to use for warehouse management (inward/outwards, inventory, etc) JAllInOne eCommerce is an Ajax based web application. It


A Multiuser Agenda primarly developed for the needs of a medical practice, but flexible enough to be useful for any other professional environments. Written in 100% Java, Storage on any Jdbc-Compliant database server. German language only, sorry.

Tinyagenda - Personnal agenda with no anthentification

This is a small project in order to provide a small personnal agenda running on Apache Tomcat.

Agenda-contatos-xml - Agenda de Contatos com XML

Agenda de contatos utilizando como base de dados um arquivo XML.

Agendat5 - Agenda Pessoal

Agenda Pessoal de contatos feita em tapestry 5 com hibernate e postgresql.