Synapse - Micro Framework for: IoCC, DI, AoP, Messages, Pipe and Filter Pattern

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Micro Framework for: Inversion of Control Container, Dependency Injection, Aspect Oriented Programming, Messages Pattern, Pipe and Filter Pattern.



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iqr large-scale neural systems simulator

iqr is a simulation software to graphically design and control large-scale neuronal models. Simulations in iqr can control real-world devices in real-time. iqr can be extended by new neuron, and synapse types, and custom interfaces to hardware.

Apache Synapse - Lightweight ESB engine and XML router.

Apache Synapse is a lightweight ESB engine and XML router.

Eip-in-action-synapse - Synapse part

This project will contain the examples and sources from the upcoming Manning book Enterprise integration patterns in action.

Synapse-bibliography - A web application for maintaining an institutional bibliography service.

What is Synapse?Synapse is a self-service web interface and database supported and maintained by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Library, providing access to an inventory of the published output of our researchers and clinicians. As the name implies, Synapse is the user’s point of “connection� to publications authored by Memorial Sloan-Kettering staff. You can search for specific author names or by journal title, keyword and other fields. The search will return a listing (biblio

Eip-in-action-source - EIP in action book examples

This project will contain the examples and sources from the upcoming Manning book Enterprise integration patterns in action.

MyGrid - Distributed Grid

Open, fast, robust grid for distributing computing, processes etc. A great alternative to overpriced commercial products such as DataSynapse. Not constrained by standards: contribute to invent new grid computing.


The Synaptic Simulator is a program which simulates models of single neuronal synapses and compartments, complex constructs of such models. Furthermore the program is able to regain parameters by fitting simulated results with experimental data.


Lobotomy is not a project: Lobotomy is more projects. BrainTop, Synapse, Hyppocampus and others are developed to create a relational desktop system and a new user interface paradigm.

synapse - A transparent service discovery framework for connecting an SOA

Synapse is Airbnb's new system for service discovery.Synapse solves the problem of automated fail-over in the cloud, where failover via network re-configuration is impossible.The end result is the ability to connect internal services together in a scalable, fault-tolerant way.