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A simple message broker that receives messages from a queue and passes them to plug-in handlers loaded at run time.




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SocketSwitchboard is a virtual proxy, router, or VPN. It uses an XML configuration to map incoming traffic on one or more ports to designated hosts and ports on the LAN or on the Internet. It supports complex boolean access restrictions and SSL.

Mzk - MezzengerKlient is a simple open source PHP class for making MSN Messenger bots and web-messen

MezzengerKlient uses Object Oriented Programming, with the use of Events, for handling and processing the actions made in the Notification Session and SwitchBoard sessions. It uses the MSNP9 protocol. It is recommended for any PHP developer that wants to make a MSN Messenger bot application, in minutes. To download the class go here


(formerly-in-use) A toolkit for assembling XMPP clients and interacting with XMPP servers.


msn messenger client and servers, writed in Delphi 7/Kylix. client, dispatch server, notification server, switchboard server, nexus server and loginnet server.

Switchboard-mvc - Lean, fast, (eventually) extensible PHP MVC framework

Rails is great, but IMO does too much. Cake attempts to imitate and does even more in a very awkward way. This is an attempt at a PHP MVC framework that is fast and lean (<100 lines of php code at first functional build), but extensible via plugins to achieve greater flexibility. Use of PHP allows for more optimized performance and easier installation. The goal is to allow the framework to run using no server side configuration beyond .htaccess files, while also making it possible to move the co

Pink Ego Box

'Pink Ego Box' is a single-process MSNP server suite (Dispatch, Notification, and Switchboard) for with Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger, Gaim, KMess, and other clients. It enables people to run older versions of client software.

Openvisualizationplatform - Open Visualization Platform

OpenVP is a free and open-source platform for developing music visualizations, written in C# and developed primarily on Linux. The Tao Framework OpenGL bindings are used for effect rendering. The high-level goal of OpenVP is to develop a platform-neutral, media-player-neutral framework for developing music visualizations. The framework should impose as few restrictions on creativity as possible while also providing a base that makes this flexibility easy to consume. The core framework is suitabl

Nemesis Switchboard

Universal URL redirection server for creating permanent and easily readable URLs.


Definitely for advanced users.Forked and refactored from [HTTP Switchboard](https://github.com/gorhill/httpswitchboard).Install [manually](https://github.com/gorhill/uMatrix/blob/master/doc/README.md) the [latest release](https://github.com/gorhill/uMatrix/releases), or install from:- [Firefox AMO](https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/umatrix/)- [Chrome store](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/µmatrix/ogfcmafjalglgifnmanfmnieipoejdcf)- [Opera store](https://addons.opera.com/en-gb/ex

Clearaster - ClearAster - Open Source IP-PBX | FreePBX Services | Asterisk Experts

Legacy and proprietary PBX systems cost 5 times more than their open source counterpart. Cost difference is significant. Architecture flexibility, open standard and huge availability of talented open source PBX experts adds to overall return on investment. Based on open architecture and SIP, this VoIP solution is ideal for hotel franchises, remote sales office, small hospital, office reception switchboard etc. Fully interoperable with most third party systems - Linksys, Polycom, SugarCRM, Call c