SwissPost EasyTrack API

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The SwissPost EasyTrack API allows you to track your parcels or letters everytime and in every application.



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panamax-api - The Local Panamax Agent

![Master_Build_Status]([![Coverage Status](]( API behind [The Panamax UI]( Panamax API interacts with a number of APIs running on the local system to launch and gather information about applications:* [Docker

kohana-orm-api - Exposes Kohana ORM over a RESTful api

The four HTTP methods `GET`, `POST`, `PUT` and `DELETE` are used (respectively) to `find`, `create`, `update` and `delete` models.This module provide a uniformized api access for external client and facilitateajax integration on a website.Routing--------The api is routed like this```/api/<model>(/<id>(/<action>))``` If `model` is plural, a list of models will be returned in the JSON-encoded response body. The suffix `_all` will be appended to the called method toperform a plural call.In this

API Blueprint - A powerful high-level API description language for web APIs

API Blueprint is a powerful high-level API design language for web APIs. It is simple and accessible to everybody involved in the API design lifecycle. Its syntax is concise yet expressive. With API Blueprint you can quickly prototype and model APIs to be created or describe already deployed mission-critical APIs. From a car to the largest Content Distribution Network (CDN) in the world.

API-mashup - API-mashup of API, YoutTube Data API and Facebook API

API-mashup of API, YoutTube Data API and Facebook API

data-connectors-api-examples - A set of code snippets for calling the Data Connections API

* This API uses a WSSE authentication header on every call, each example class has a method called getWSSEHeader for this purpose * The code examples can not be run without Partner API credentials (a Username and Secret). These must be obtained through an Adobe Partner Integration Manager after appropriate agreements are in place.* Each example passes JSON encoded data as a String and received JSON encoded data as a String * parsing the JSON data is left as an exercise for the developer so you


libxml++ is a C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library.

opencage - :globe_with_meridians: R package for the OpenCage API -- both forward and reverse geocoding :globe_with_meridians:

This package is an interface to the OpenCage API that allows forward and reverse geocoding. To use the package, you will need an API key. To get an API key for OpenCage geocoding, register at The free API key provides up to 2,500 calls a day. For ease of use, save your API key as an environment variable as described at functions of the package will conveniently look for your API key using Sys.getenv("OPENCAGE_KEY") so if your API key is an environment variable called "OPENCAGE_KEY" you don't need to input it manually.

Facebook API for C#.NET developers

Facebook API for C#.NET developers helps C#.NET developers to build windows/web applications that are integrated with Facebook. This API/ SDK follows the latest Facebook Graph API commands ensuring smooth execution. The class library is developed in C#.Net (.net framework 4.0)

APINetwork - API Network Protocol

The market for API calls is enormous one, the number of API calls per day is astronomical. They power most of the Apps that you use on a daily basis, however they are still tough for developers to connect and maintain. The API Network project was born out a desire to make it easier for developers to connect to application programming interfaces (APIs). The team involved in the API Network has spent the last two years building out tools to make that process easier. The project has moved more and

Coldfusion-Google-Data-API - Coldfusion access to Google Data API, Picasa API, Contacts API

Coldfusion access to Google Data API, Picasa API, Contacts API


This bash script performs SABnzbd API calls as specified in the SABnzbd API documentation. All currently defined API functions are supported by this script. There is also the ability to easily return a query constructed explicitly by the user without having to have the API key. This script can also be used with included options to allow the user to construct a valid API URL with/without accessing it. This could be useful to generate a URL to use for a separate application. The script attempts to


??.NET C#?????????API???SDK?? ??????????????API???????????? *????* ???????API?? *????* ???????????API???????????????

RSTEIN Posterous API C# Wrapper

Posterous C# API wrapper-for Silverlight (SL 4) & .NF 3.5 & WP7 Only Posterous API 1.0 is supported. Included is project "Posterous backup" - Simple example that demonstrates use of API wrappper. Machine translation of my article about API: Enjoy

Esponce QR Code API

QR Code Generator from Esponce provides API for generating and reading QR Codes. API is written in C# and is based on REST web service. Users that are registered on the website have access to additional QR Code tracking features. Supported platforms: .NET 3.5, Silverlight, ...

sipht - A PHP client for the Sift Science REST API

Interactions with the API occur via `Sift\Client`. You instantiate a client bypassing your API key to its constructor:```php$client = new Sift\Client('my-api-key');```The following errors may be thrown by any client request: * `Sift\Exception\BadRequestException`: HTTP 40x; the request was rejected by the API * `Sift\Exception\ServerErrorException`: HTTP 50x; the API endpoint suffered some internal problem * `Sift\Exception\HttpException`: any other exception generated in the course of

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Playground site with movies api, stocks api and images api

Zetta - An API-First Internet of Things Platform

Zetta is an open source platform built on Node.js for creating Internet of Things servers that run across geo-distributed computers and the cloud. Zetta combines REST APIs, WebSockets and reactive programming – perfect for assembling many devices into data-intensive, real-time applications.


This code allows users to work with files from Scribd Cloud Storage platform and integrate with Mimeo Cloud Print. You need the follow API Accounts: Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API and Scribd API. Actions: Pull PDF Document From Scribd Using API, Prepare Print Proof with PDF Using Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API, and Pull Small and Large Proof Images Using Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API. This source code is meant to be used for pulling documents from Scribd and Proofing with Mimeo prior to order pr

Amazon-Product-API-API - An API developed to make dealing amazon's product API easier

An API developed to make dealing amazon's product API easier