Scott Vintinner's SharePoint Stock Ticker Web Part

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A port of the 2003 Stock Ticker developed by Scott Vintinner. Allows for users to select custom stocks to display.



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A gnome panel applet to display stock quotes and graphs.

SharePoint Stock Ticker

SharePoint Stock Ticker is a SharePoint 2010 project which consists of a SharePoint Stock Ticker Web Part driven off of Google's Stock API. The width of this Web Part was developed to fit within the default SharePoint 2010 Quick Launch navigation. This has also been tested...

Cake-ticker - A simple stock portfolio tracking website

CakeTicker is a basic stock portfolio tracking website. It is a small web application so I can learn CakePHP, practice SCRUM, unit testing and automated user tests. Follow the project backlog here:

Google-desktop-gadget-quotation-ticker - Just another stock ticker gadget for google desktop.

This is a Google Desktop gadget project. The gadget is a stock ticker that can be configured to show the prices of any stock available from Yahoo Finance. The gadget was tested with the following systems: Google Gadgets for Linux 0.11.0 (Gadget API version Windows XP (Google Desktop 5.9.0906.04286-de-pb)


A simple example on how you could implement a StockTicker with XSockets.

StockTicker - Returns stock quotes

Returns stock quotes