sven's msvs addons

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A couple quick Visual Studio addons implementing features I missed from other IDEs. The first, MultiLineComments, implements inline comment wrapping as per Matlab. The second, FunctionBar, is a function-list C/C++ file navigation bar inspired by XCode. Both are written in C#.



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Vivace!Vi·va·ce (adv.) - lively, in music; "play this section vivace!" Vivace! is a simple and elegant MIDI sequencer written in the Java programming language. The 1.0 beta version was released on June 3rd 2008 and is currently maintained by Sven-Arne Andréasson at Chalmers University of Technology. Update: The codebase for the application is currently being used as material for the projects in the course Agile Development Processes (EDA397) at Chalmers. Found a bug?Help us squash it by filin

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This is an experimental project. The StubCodeGenerator creates stub code for classes and interfaces together with packages for languages like Java or Actionscript. The default templates target Actionscript3, though. This software makes use of the ANTLR parser generator and the StringTemplate library, both from Terence Parr. See and for details. If you find bugs or have questions, please use the "Issue" area. This software has been build using J

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Mobile software made by Sven Are N. Most software is writen in Csharp and working for windows mobile phones. Som software will also be writen for Android mobile software.

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Soli Deo Gloria (To God Be The Glory)I have created this library just for the fun of it. I once was mere a troubled young man fighting my way through the life. I filled up a hole in my heart with drugs and long working hours. Never did I realize that the secret longing in my heart was that of God's. I have got saved some years ago by the Lord Jesus Christ, and He has placed my feet on a solid ground and given me hope and support when I needed that the most. He is now the foundation I can build m

Tapestry5-fckeditor - FCKEditor component for Tapestry5 (OBSOLETE)

I started it, Sven Homburg (a man with more time on his hands) continued the work. Go to and you will find that the FCKEditor has now moved there and has got a new name; "Editor".

Svenove - Diverse SVN for Sven-Ove

Her ligger diverse ting.