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Related Projects

Swedish-identities - Java implementation of Swedish identities

Java implementation of Swedish identities as defined by the Swedish Tax Agency (sv. Skatteverket). The project contains implementations of the following identities: Personal Identity Number (sv. Personnummer) (SKV 704) Organization Number (sv. Organisationsnummer) (SKV 709) Co-ordination Number (sv. Samordningsnummer) (SKV 707) -- Daniel Oskarsson (2010-05-29)

Sv-subversion - subversion wrapper to simplify the task of branching and merging

sv is no longer being maintained. If you can, use git. If you are using subversion have a look at git-svn. sv is a wrapper around subversion to simplify the task of branching and merging Specifically, it is a command line tool written in Python that treats branches and tags as first-class names/identifiers so you can operate on them directly without worrying about starting revisions, URLs, and project paths. Here are some reasons why sv might help you work with subversion: sv is optimized for ma

Sv-gtug - Silicon Valley Google Technology User Group

For starters, we will use this project to maintain the sources for our implementation of the web site for this user group at Over time, we may have other sources to maintain related to other projects of this Google Technology User Group (GTUG).

Naturallanguageproject - Natural Language Processing as a school project

Well, we are just going to try and make a NLP system for recepies. Kolla google-gruppens sida på:

Sv-cart - SV-Cart 实玮电�商务平�软件

SV-Cart v1.1 2009å¹´7月23日正å¼�版å�‘布了~ 多语言,国际化 SV-CART网店系统是一套å�¯ä»¥æ”¯æŒ�å�„个国家的语言显示的国际电å­�商务系统,现已支æŒ�中文简体ã€�英文ã€�日文ã€�德文和法文,土耳其文,å�¯å®žçŽ°è¿™äº”ç§�语言在å�Œä¸€å¹³å�°ä¸Šçš„相互转æ�¢ã€‚ å…�è´¹ã€�å¼€æº�SV-CART网店系统是一项新的专业开放æº�代ç �çš„WEB2.0网上商城系统,是一套集网上购物和网站内容管ç�†äºŽä¸€ä½“的电å­�商务解决方案。 易æ“�ä½

Ruby-sv-vpi - Ruby-VPI extension of SystemVerilog IEEE 1800-2009 VPI

An Extension of Ruby-VPI library for SystemVerilog IEEE P1800-2009 VPI standard Ruby-VPI is a library that lets Ruby programs access the entire IEEE 1364-2005 Verilog VPI interface supported by major Verilog simulators today. Nowadays SystemVerilog has been used as both hardware description and function verification language. There are many SystemVerilog VPI features support in the IEEE P1800-2009 standard. However, the Ruby-VPI is using IEEE 1364-2005 VPI only. In this extension, Ruby-SV-VPI is


PiSvM is a parallel Support Vector Machine (SVM) implementation. It supports C-SVC, nu-SVC, epsilon-SVR and nu-SVR and has a command-line interface similar to the popular LibSVM package.

Vcsim - A Simulator for Version Consistent Dynamic Reconfiguration of Component-based Distributed Sy

This is a discrete event simulator developed to evaluate several algorithms ensuring the version consistency of dynamic reconfiguration of component-based distributed systems. The paper describing the algorithms will appear on ESEC/FSE 2011. To download and run the simulator, one should: Be sure JDK 1.6, Eclipse and Subclipse (Eclipse SVN plugin) are properly installed Start Eclipse and switch to SV NRepositoryExploring perspective Add a new location with the following URL: http://vcsim.googleco

Secure Digital Audio support for linux

Documentation and tools to support the use of Secure Digital (SD) Audio with linux, in particular the Panasonic SV-SD85