supertube and supermusic client

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supertube and supermusic client



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Zubeetube - Zubee Tube video script was replaced by phpVibe

Zubee Tube! Premium video script build for embeding milions of videos from Youtube to your new website. It does not ask you to manualy embed videos, or give location url or other hard work. It just pulls all video for tags, so…you want traffic? Just use the search form on your website for your contryes top searched keywords! Developer blog: Update: Zubee Tube and 2PRO Tube have been replaced by phpVibe. Website: Demo: Communi

Gotube - GoTube

Streaming application for PSP platform use PSPtube core Join the projectWe currently need American developer to code some country-restricted site if you want to be added on GoTube Updater you (only) need : some JavaScript skill a repository or a website to store your .js if you are interested, please, send me your repository/website in the Issues section or directly by email. good luck ;) Manual Downloadif you have any issue using go!tube radio's updater, you can manually perform the install pro

Tube-challenge-league - Tube Challenge League Tables

Tube Challenge League TablesTube Challenge League Tables: Code Collaboration Stop! Read this before using svn! SVN HelpThe official Subversion online book is indispensible, especially this bit. Checking OutUse command... svn checkout tube-challenge-league --username <your_username> do the initial checkout (note the /tc at the end of the url, not /trunk as Google gives you otherwise you'll pick up the /wiki files too). You will then be pro

Sketchup-joomla-gallery - A joomla component for creating a gallery of Google Sketchup models.

This Joomla component and set of modules allows users to create a front end gallery of their Skethup models. It requires that the models be placed in the Google 3D Warehouse. The front end display loads Sketchup models in the different views that include fields for Designer Name, Designer Country & City, Project, Title, Description, & Model Location. The models displayed in the project view will load both a 2d view and a 3D view placed on Google Earth. (the GE plug in and API key is required) It

Youtube-user-feed-pro - User feed for YouTube Api Wordpress plugin

User feed for YouTube Api Wordpress plugin


A WordPress plugin that can display all sorts of online videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc..) in one single player