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Stripe Java bindings



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Stripes is a Java framework with the goal of making Servlet/JSP based web development in Java as easy, intuitive and straight-forward as it should be. It's stripey and it doesn't suck. See for more information.

Stripes Stuff

A collection of plugins, extensions and integrations for the Stripes web framework.

Simple-stripes-site - simple promo site on stripes

Example on how build promo site with stripes

Guestbook-stripes - Google app engine guestbook done with Stripes Framework

Stripes Framework & Google App EngineThis is the guestbook example from the Google app engine docs but instead of using Servlet API directly this example uses the Stripes Framework. Download Source Code Stripes Framework Google App Engine Docs

Intellistripes - Stripes Framework Integration for IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliStripes adds Stripes Integration into IntelliJ IDEA, in the same IntelliJ style: Wizardless but Code Centric Approach

Stripes-crud - CRUD generator for Stripes MVC Framework

CRUD generator for Stripes MVC Framework Mixes Hibernate and Stripes using Ant build scripts and Freemarker templates. Project is based on Seam-gen, generator for Seam framework. See more: Introduction Usage Configuration

Polarrose-stripes-authentication - Stripes Extension to support HTTP Basic and Digest Authentication

This Stripes extension adds a simple @Authenticated annotation to Action Beans and Event Handlers to protect them using HTTP Basic or Digest Authentication. I need to write a better description.

Polarrose-stripes-json - Extension for Stripes to support JSON

This Stripes extensions allows you to output JSON formatted objects through a simple JsonResolution.

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