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A Fantasy Strategy Game.



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Warahead - Strategy game written in java

WarAhead is a Strategy game written in java using the jmonkey engine.

Interblock - A strategic board game.

InterBlock is a board game where players try to get rid of all their pieces by placing them on the board. It is a computer version of a board game I like.

Javahex - A system for hosting and playing Hex, the 2-person board game

This is a Java-based project to explore artificial intelligence approaches to the game of Hex

Hex-Grid Utilities for Board Game Developers

A tool kit of utilities for development of board- and strategy-games on a hexagonal grid, including custom coordinates. path-finding and elevated line-of-sight

Final Empire

quot;Final Empirequot; is a turn-based strategy-game in the tradition of quot;empirequot;, quot;empire deluxequot;, quot;civilisationquot;, etc. The player's task is to explore the world and conquer cities with different units like armys, airplanes and ships.

Foodforce - FoodForce Game 2

Hunger and poverty are two worms which are eating millions of people across the world. There are still lots of developing nations where poor people even don’t get one time meal. The solution to this problem is education. If people are educated and they know how to manage resources in critical situations then hunger can be reduced considerably. Food Force II is an educational project to solve hunger crisis by collaborative, joyful and self-empowered learning. To curb hunger and poverty and at t

Titantorment - Titan Torment : The War Of Titans And Gods (Season 1: Nemesis Wrath)

This will become a mmorpg that will be made with jme. This game will become more flexible than warcraft 3 editor, it will allow multiple stages, each stage has each own implementation of stats, game rules, and even how the game engine works. You will be able to transfer your character between diffrent stages and the meaning of each stat will depend on the stage. You will be able to store new stats on player/creatures so it will be easily expandable e.g you will be able to add a new stat alchemy

Chaosoverload - Chaos Overlords based online strategy game

An online strategy game based on the under-appreciated Chaos Overlords. The turn-based game is basically a board game where player's vie for control of all sectors, or for the various goals defined in game setup. 'Gangs' are hired to help conquer these goals and territories are equipped with buildings that help gain you money, weapons, or other abilities.Dragging tiles over the static board would probably need to be done via DHTML - AJAX might come in handy dealing with interactions. Database in