Storyteller SDK

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Storyteller.Framework is a simple tinkering project for playing around with game development on multiple platforms.



Related Projects

Alicewebinstaller - Installs Storytelling Alice through Java Web Start

Downloads and unzips Storytelling Alice. Requires Netbeans to build. Click here for a demo

Maven-storyteller-plugin - Maven dependency analysis plugin

Maven Storyteller PluginFor when dependency:tree isn't good enough: Export your project's dependency graph as DOT, PNG, GML, GraphML, or PDF. This project is a continuation of the original Maven Storyteller Plugin, which never had a public release. Basic UsageAdd plugin repository: <pluginRepositories>\t<pluginRepository>\t\t<id></id>\t\t<url></url>\t</pluginRepository></pluginRepositories>From the

Kiids - A Knowledge-Intensive Interactive Digital Storytelling system

KIIDSA Knowledge-Intensive Interactive Digital Storytelling systemKIIDS is a software system for the development of interactive digital storytelling applications as videogames, pieces of interactive art or educational multimedia. This system, instance of DLApplication, consists of an extensible repository of ontologies (representing fields of knowledge about interaction, narration and simulation), a software framework of generic and reusable components (implementing domain-specific techniques th

Multimedia-storyteller - Tell the same story, better

A set of tools that help you tell stories using your digital assets (images, pictures) - marked up with text. As well, tools to help you manage your vast collection of multimedia.

Storyteller-dot-net - Behavior driven development for the .Net framework

The Storyteller project is intended to provide a stable framework for behavior driven development through the use of natural language stories which can be used by developers to create suites of automated acceptance tests. This framework is intended to provide functionality similar to that of frameworks on other platforms, such as JBehave (Java) and Cucumber (Ruby/Ruby on Rails)

Storlithelp - Storyteller Little Helper

A personal proyect to program a characters manager for White Wolf games, programmed in java with Netbeans 6.5

Phpbb2mafiamod - A phpbb2 MOD to facilitate playing the game mafia.

This project is a mod for phpbb2 to help people to create and run the game mafia over forums. It will handle all the gameplay elements behind the scenes, so that game moderators only need to worry about the storytelling aspects of the game.

Android-rage-maker - Rage Comic Maker for Android

Rage Comic Maker for Android is an application that lets users easily create rage comics on their Android devices. Rage comics are a simple form of storytelling, for more information see and Some of the key features: Flexible number of panels (1-20) Pan and zoom the comic canvas Undo/redo Different text styles Import images from external sources Large number of built-in faces and other graphics Before asking about a feature