Storyboard application

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The Storyboard is an application that allows to model the different elements of a story to better structure it.



Related Projects

XNA Storyboard

XNA Storyboard provides a Storyboard system for XNA similar to Silverlight's, using DependencyObjects and DependencyProperties developed in C#. The purpose of this project is to provide an easy to use, yet robust mechanism for animating virtually any kind of value over time.

Storybuilder - The Javascript application for building HTML storyboard presentations

Create the project, add mockups images to it and markup clickable regions. Then build it to the HTML presentation.


silverlight animate basic library C#code build storyboard object basic object build animate engine for silverlight 4.0

sidepanel-ios - Demo of a side panel slider for iOS using storyboards

Demo of a side panel slider for iOS using storyboards

DCCI Video Validator

DCCI_Video Validator is an application that creates thumbnail storyboards of videos and video clips.


Animix brings a storyboard to life by combining and synchronising storyboard frames with a soundtrack, allowing an artist or animator to quickly create, and present an Animatic over the web.

Software-prototyping-storyboarding-approach - Google style client-side operations API: A better appr

In Google Style, simply add multiple instances of the specific datatable in the related htmltable against a specific User/Cutomer or any other entity. These added rows/instances can be deleted as well on client side using the Delete icon beside every line through JavaScript You can use the Add button to add new record to html tables. This new row will be saved in related hidden field in a specific format, which will be parsed on server side to get all the added rows to table. Try adding some row