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S-Tools is a set of tools that I´ve build for my own (like a teatimer, a sqlite-database admin component, etc...).




Related Projects

Stool-test - test

stool development

Cgngmodtools - STools required to join the CGN Gmod server

The following STools are required to join the Christian Gamers Network Garry's Mod server. Weight Fin

Spaceshuttle - shuttle stool

Spawn any prop in garry's mod 10 and turn it into a flyable wired shuttle craft that stores and consumes resources.

Ravlaser - A Laser addon for the Sandbox game Garry's Mod

The RavLaser STOOL is a remake of the Hunts Mod Laser Tool for Garry's Mod 10 (on Episode One Source Engine)

Wenlistools - Wenli's Build Tools

Wenli's build tools for Garry's Mod. Includes the following STools: Axis Centre Ballsocket Centre Physgun Buildmode Precision alignment These tools were developed and tested on the Nodex build servers.

Fallenspack - Mostly GLua (Gmod Lua) things I made or am in the process of making.

a small pack of Glua things i made or am making just wanted a subversion for it all.

Ulx-companion - The long lost commands of ULX

ULX COMPANION This is basically a project I have been working on in my free time, It is a small menu that can be easily accessed with a simple bind. It includes features such as Decal removing, Easy restriction menus (Such as Stools, Weapons, And even props), the ability to spawn entity from the HL2 game, Prop spam protection, and much much more. Keep checking here for updates and a BETA that will be released within 2 weeks. -Nick