Stockmarket Simulation

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Stockmarket Simulation



Related Projects


This project aggregates content from social media and a variety of web based sources, relating to stock-markets. The design is module based, and provides a good basis for other portal aggregation projects. It is a great platform for amateur investors / traders to use within th...

Stocktoolkit - Stock market-monitoring scripts

This is a set of (currently PHP) scripts that I have created to watch the stock market.

Jnnfinance - Programa para predecir valores de la bolsa con redes neuronales

Un programa para predecir el valor de las acciones mediante redes neuronales realizado integramente en java.

Cs-269-stock-market - CS 269 - Stock Market Simulation

With use of MASON and Java, we plan to implement a stock market simulation with a finite number of traders. Traders will have modular intelligence that will implement an array of trading algorithms in an attempt to simulate human financial behavior. For more information, see the deliverables in the documentation section.

Mrdmstocks - Multi-Relational Data Mining

The project's initial purpose is to provide a tool written in Java to analyze a data sets using methods and techniques specified in multi-relational research. It will first be tailored to work on financial markets historical data.


TooShare is a stockmarket analysis tool. It is a platform whose design is based on Eclipse Technology architecture which permits extensions via plugin mechanism.