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A stochastic simulator for chemical reactions with low copy number



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Golem - Go Launch on Every Machine

Golem (Go Launch on Every Machine) strives to be the simplest possible system for distributing computational analysis across processes and machines in a Unix/Linux based cluster. It uses web technologies, core features of the Go language and Unix enviroment to keep internal code simple and maintainable. It is being developed at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, WA to provide a fast, light, simple and accessible tools for parallelizing algorithms used in computational biology, cancer

Pint - Process Hitting related tools

The Process Hitting is a recently introduced framework for concurrent modelling. It aims at being simple and at allowing very efficient formal checking. Systems biology is the main application field of the Process Hitting, with notably the modelling of Biological Regulatory Networks. More informations on

Gpgmp - An implementation of the Gillespie Multiparticle Method on general-purpose graphics processi

AboutWelcome to GPGMP, an implementation of a spatially-resolved stochastic simulation algorithm on general-purpose graphics processing units. You can find a general introduction here. If you just want to try it out without downloading the source, please have a look at our Inchman tutorial (or jump to Inchman if you know what you are doing). Inchman has very limited capabilities to specify the models and only provides a summary information of the output. For a more flexible application, you may