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StereoClood is a lightweight windows Client for Stereomood : "Stereomood is the emotional internet radio that provides me music that best suits my mood and my activities" -



Related Projects


Python wrapper for the FMOD sound library. I am currently seeking a new maintainer for this project. Please contact parente if interested.

Authlib - User management software built in PHP

Authlib is a powerful Object Oriented Cookie+MySQL driven user+session management system. It enables a secure environment using advanced encryption using MD5 (Message-Digest 5). Download Authlib @ SourceForge

Fmobsounder - simple university project to manipulate sound etc in FMOD

simple university project to manipulate sound etc in FMOD

Fmodeventcsharpbinder - A C# port of FMod's event API.

Primarily this is a C# port of the event API of FModEx. But doing this demands a C port as well, as a middle step, so this is like a side effect of the project. However, since the C++ code of the FMod event API is not compliant with all compilers, I can only produce a .lib-file for the C binder, and no libNAME.a-file which could be used with the gcc/g++ compiler. Sorry..

Pooman - A traditional Swedish card game in C#

This is a card game that I played as a kid. It's coded in C#, and uses the fmod sound engine. Rules to the game comes with the distribution :) Swedish original title of the game is 'Skitgubbe'. Note that you must have .NET installed to be able to run this game.

Myaudioplayer - multi platform audio player.

Multi platform audio player using wxwidgets GUI library and FMOD sound engine. It's capable of playing module sounds like XM, IT, S3M etc, stream files like mp#, ogg, wav etc.

Blind Shark

Blind Shark is a musical game, where you have to find the music being played before your opponents.