Microsoft Visio Stencil for Conceptual Data Model

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This stencil use Peter Chen notation to help you build conceptual data model with visio. The future improvement will be a custom report to generate data dictionary. I wish this stencil can be very util to you student, system architect, system analysis and everybody.



Related Projects


Mimosa is a modeling and simulation platform, covering the process from building conceptual models to running the simulations. The specification uses ontologies and an extensible set of formalisms for the dynamics. The simulation kernel is based on DEVS.


Conzilla is a concept browser. It browses and edits 'context-maps', a construct similar to conceptual models, UML diagrams or mind-maps. Conzilla uses RDF to describe and distribute such models.

Dbcskit - Database Conceptual Schema (EER) Modelling Toolkit

AboutThis toolkit was initially quickly hacked together over a weekend to as a means of describing EER schemas born out of frustration over time lost tweaking schema diagrams visually. It's primary focus is on being a somewhat efficient method of inputting and storing EER schemas, such that they provide a compact while readable format that can be easily edited by any human with a text editor. A mini-language built on top of the Python programming language is provided for this, allowing users to

XCase - Tool for XML Data Modeling

XCase is a case tool for conceptual modeling of XML data based on MDA as it separates the conceptual modeling process to two levels: Platform-Independent and Platform-Specific Model. From each PSM diagram you can derive an XML schema describing a data view.

Django-positions - A Django model field for managing user-specified positions.

This module provides PositionField, a model field for Django that allows instances of a model to be sorted by a user-specified position. Conceptually, the field works like a list index: when the position of one item is changed, the positions of other items in the collection are updated in response. The source code is available on GitHub.

Jaque2jpa - Java Query to JPA

The Entity Data Model (EDM) is a conceptual data model that can be used to model the data of a particular domain so that applications can interact with data as entities or objects. Through the EDM, Java Persistence API (JPA), such as Hibernate exposes entities as objects in the Java environment. This makes the object layer an ideal target for Java Query (JaQue) support. JaQue to JPA enables developers to write queries against the database from the same language used to build the business logic.

Model3php - Model 3 PHP Framework

Model3PHP is a PHP Framework that's intented to be simple and easy to learn, Model3 uses the design pattern MVC like other many frameworks but is a good starting point to understand how MVC works. This framework is conceptually based in the PHP Zend Framework, so, many of the use of this is similar to the ZF, but, the idea of Model3PHP is to be more simple to learn and understand. If you are interested in how a MVC Framework works this is a good entry. Model3PHP es un Framework pensado para ser

Pygeode - Python package for dealing with large gridded datasets

PyGeode is a software library intended to simplify the management, analysis, and visualization of gridded geophysical datasets such as those generated by climate models. The library provides three main advantages. Firstly, it can define a geophysical coordinate system for any given dataset, and allows operations to be carried conceptually in this physical coordinate system, in a way that is independent of the native coordinate system of a particular dataset. This greatly simplifies working with


The Cogitant library is a set of C++ classes enabling to easily build applications based on the Conceptual Graph model.