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Ckknight.StateMachine is a .NET library that provides a flexible and efficient system for constructing, managing, and using Finite-State Machines. The design uses a fluent API for building the StateMachine, and a typical .NET calling mechanism for using the constructed mach...



Related Projects

state_machine - Adds support for creating state machines for attributes on any Ruby class

Adds support for creating state machines for attributes on any Ruby class

Meta Menu

Meta Menu provides a generalized state-machine approach to making menu-based systems. A given application need only provide a set of states in the form of perl packaged objects and Meta Menu will provide all necessary I/O services, state transitions, et

Statemachineexperiments - Experiments with statemachine implementation

I want to experiment with state machine implementation.


A Java WEB application framework featuring: Flows (ie. components designed as finite state-machines usable as subflows, modal dialogs and components), a rendering engine able to refresh only changed parts of a web page via Ajax, and much much more ...

Listma - Linking State Machine

Listma is a small simple extensible .Net workflow framework base on finite state machine model. The main purpose of this engine is organization controller's business logic in the MVC design pattern. Project status - Development.

Reactor-embedded - Reactor Project - C statechart compiler

A compiler and code generator for C language concurrent statecharts. Harel type statecharts are encoded and model-checked, and a C program is produced as output for executing on an embedded system.

Pocket Calculator

This is POC project that implements a simple WinForms Pocket Calculator that uses a Microsoft .NET 4.0.1 State Machine Workflow in the back-end.

TRACS Authorization system

Trivial Rolebased Authorisation Context Statemachine (TRACS). An incident response capable authorisation system.

Infomancers-workflow - Framework to create fast, maintainable, state machines.

Workflow framework for close-to-real-time applications requiring state machines without the enterprise-level frameworks' overhead. Take a look at the technologies we're planning to use to fulfill our long list of features we want to include!

Roboproject2011 - Implementation of FRC team 1160's robot code

Implementation of the usfirst Robotics team 1160's robot code for the 2011 season. Additionally, other side projects the contribute to the teams goals are also hosted like our scouting application. We plan this year to implement a state machine.