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Start Reading is a web-based RSS reader Open-Source project.



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Contactserv - Main reference implementation service of semap

Latest version: - from - (ChangeHistory). IntroductionPersonal tool to work with contacts, it's the main reference implementation service of the semap semantic bus. It contains the console and Firefox plugin versions. RequirementsThe semap installation only. FeaturesURI-based Semantic Web style; FOAF vocabulary based records; Multilingual support. DownloadNot available yet, the output of 1.0-M1 version planned to the end of autumn of 2007. Quick StartRead the getting start tutorial to start to u

Semap - Realize the plug-ins semantic bus vision

PROJECT WAS TEMPORARY STOPPED AT THE END OF 2007 :-( Latest version: - from - (ChangeHistory). IntroductionService to aggregate user's RDF data and to access to them by the SPARQL end point. On the basis of semap we can create numerous semantic services to work with our information in a new semantic level instead using files. The main idea about the semantic bus vision - insert data once, use everywhere. Used RDF format of data releases them from any applications. Try to use the Semantic Web tec

Ddd-cqrs-sample - Domain Driven Design & Command-query Responsibility Segregation sample project

Another DDD and CqRS Sample?Primary goals of this project are the following: presenting sample implementation of all DDD Building Blocks and techniques - no technical compromises, real world problems and solutions presenting pragmatic approach to the CqRS architecture - a kind of "portable architecture" that can be implemented in any technology providing well crafted code, ready to be utilized in production Secondary goals: presenting development process techniques: Behavior Driven Development p

Salt - Standard Autohotkey Library Transfer

SALT - Standard AutoHotkey Library TransferA quick sum upThis project consists of multiple parts: a frontend script This script will incorporate modules and allow coders aswell as users to pull or push information to SALT services. A module for staff members verifying public sent in scripts will also be available. a script API This API 'll allow to control, eg install update or upgrade existing stdLib files from other scripts a server backend This will be based in php and include a SQLite server

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