puntodesalida(startingpoint) - .net Based crowdfunding platform

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While looking for a kickstarter clone for .net for a project i'm about to embark was not able to find any decided to built one on the .net stack.




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Ponyge - PonyGE: a pony-sized implementation of grammatical evolution in Python.

Grammatical evolution (GE) is an evolutionary algorithm which uses formal grammars, written in BNF, to define the search space. PonyGE is a small (one source file!) but functional implementation of GE in Python. It's intended as an advertisement and a starting-point for those new to GE, a reference for implementors and researchers, a rapid-prototyping medium for our own experiments, and a Python workout. And a pony.

Python-start - A starting point for a Python program.

Use this program whenever you're starting a new Python program. It's main feature is an extension of the optparse library to allow for required options. This is a modified version of what's found at www.python.org. This program also provides stub examples of class and function definitions along with some useful functions to print lists, read files, and date formatting.

Cas-client-test - A project to test the latest version of JA-SIG CAS Java Client

JA-SIG CAS Client is one popular SSO framework which is difficult for a newbie to learn. This is due to limited documentation and conflicting libraries. This is a sample project which can be used as a skeletal starting-point of your own CAS integration. This project uses Maven for build. You may view the pom.xml for defining latest cas-client dependency. For configuring the ServletFilter, you may look into the web.xml. Contrary to what is seems to be mentioned in CAS documentation, CAS can be co

Databasesvn - Database Final Project

Relational Database notes to ourselves... heres what we sent to matt We are going to create a relational database. We were thinking about writing it in command line to make it user friendly. It should be easy for the user to access files, create files, locate files etc. We will create an Interface for entering data and a command line for accessing data. We will include different data structures that we learned throughout the course. We will have several methods including search feature that can

Iweibo2-howto-create-newpage - how to create a new page

The page location will be look like as below if files are successfully installed. http://www.iweibo2.0.domain/git/upload/index.php/registation STARTING_POINT: /git/upload/application/Controller/run.php

Iweibo2-plugin-multi-pm - sending private messages to multiple recipients

The page location will be look like as below if files are successfully installed. http://www.iweibo2.0.domain/git/upload/index.php/admin/index/index#6_0 http://www.iweibo2.0.domain/git/upload/index.php/plugin/msgsender STARTING_POINT: /git/upload/application/Plugin/MMPet/View/index/send.tpl

vanilla - Startingpoint


Hanami - a community driven CMS built with the Kohana framework

What is Hanami ?Hanami is a project driven by the community around the Kohana framework (note: not the core Kohana devs) showing a common-sense or good coding style for a Kohana CMS application This project aims at building the basic structure of a cms system that allow developers to have a common context in witch to develop modules for a production grade CMS system. Hanami is a bundle of lib, models, views. Our intention is to create an basic functional, easy extensible CMS that can be the base

boilerplate-django - A starting-point for Django projects.

A starting-point for Django projects.