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Related Projects

Stardust-particle-engine-java - Java port of Stardust Particle Engine

Stardust Particle Engine is powerful library written in AS3. Here is a Java port of this, so you can use it in your desktop projects, as long as in Android apps. Original author of Stardust Engine is Allen Chou. PORT IS FROZEN. I don't know if I'm going to finish it.

Jme-demos - jME demo applications and games

jME DemosHere you can find some source code of demo applications and small games to show jMonkeyEngines abilities. This should be a good starting point for users new to jME to get comfortable with the Engine. Be sure to also check out a 3D mahjongg implementation using jMonkeyEngine. current DemosPhysicsFun AstarPathfinder Stardust

Minko-stardust - Stardust plugin for minko

Minko is a 3D engine targeting the Flash Platform. Stardust is a 3D particles engine. The minko-stardust plugin makes it possible to use Stardust with Minko.

Ziggystardust - Modular data parsing framework for environmental data

Ziggy Stardust is a modular java program to parse high resolution data from many different sources, attach metadata, and direct it on to a repository. Notice: If data is not flowing through to the GLEON Vega database (data can be viewed here:, make sure that the GLEON Upload module's address field is set to instead of The GLEON Upload module can be accessed in the left hand side of any GLEON Uploader chain of Ziggy. If you have any questio

Stardust-finder - A better UI for Stardust@home

An application interfacing with stardust@home. It provides a desktop user interface, ahead downloading and cross-sections in all three dimensions, which help immensely in finding tracks.

Stardust-spacetime - A flat universe of glowing vectors; teeming with asteroids, navigated by brave

Starscape is a 2D persistent multi player strategy game with an Asteroids look to it. The universe is composed of star systems, each hosted on a separate server instance. Each star system is populated by a variety of natural objects, such as gases, dust, asteroids, planets and wormholes to other systems. Artificial features include the wreckage of past players and units, and computer controlled players with special roles. Players control a fleet of units such as shuttles, builder/breakers, habit

Stardust-particle-engine - ActionScript 3.0 Particle Engine

Stardust is now version 1.3Migrating to Stardust 1.3You can grab the latest revision from the SVN repository using TortoiseSVN.Read the manual first. You'll have a far better understanding of the API.A playlist of video tutorials is also available.You can support this project by donating. If you've made anything using Stardust, be it a website, game, or even just a simple demo, you can email the link to me. I'd really love to see Stardust being used on other projects. TortoiseSVN Tutorial

Emitter - ActionScript 3.0 particle FX engine for Flash Player 10

Emitter is now version 2.1Documentation How to check out the latest source files from the SVN repository Emitter Video Tutorials are now available on YouTube!! Check out the complete playlist here. Another Particle Engine Project Stardust Particle Engine is another particle engine project I'm working on, having much more features and extensibility. A thorough manual will be available soon.Here's a WIP manual. It's already completely covered basic usage and every parameter in the Particle class.

Zedbox - 2.5D billboard engine for ActionScript 3.0

ZedBox is now version 1.1The Flash Player 9 branch is now available in the SVN branch.The native 3D API in Flash Player 10 forces display objects to be cached as bitmaps. If you use this built-in 3D feature to create billboard (2.5D) effects, it's kind of an overkill. ZedBox provides an easy interface to create 2.5D effects, and it doesn't force display objects to be cached as bitmaps. Documentation How to check out the latest source files from the SVN repository ZedBox video tutorials are now a