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StarcraftBuilder makes it easy to search for builds for Terran that optimize for a certain unit or building. It's written in C#. if you want to help develop the Folder ending in Sln is all you need.



Related Projects


Stargus is a tool for converting data from the Starcraft install CD and scripts to play Starcraft with the Stratagus engine.

Android-starcraft - Starcraft engine port for Android OS

I'm trying to write a Starcraft port for Adnroid-based devices. No other GNU code not used now.

Twiscip - Textbased (with images) StarCraft in PHP is just like the name says.

We're developing a project called TWISCIP (spelled "twiishp"), Textbased (with images) StarCraft In PHP, and that is a simpel text-based version of StarCraft.

Sc2rroa - Starcraft 2 Replay Reader of Awesomeness

Utility to read sc2 replays and extract as much data as possible

Starcraftcsharpbot - Bot and bot framework for Starcraft

Bot and bot framework for Starcraft check out to C:\\Program Files\\StarCraft\\BWAPI\\StarProxyBot_net

.NET StarCraft II Replay Parser

A .NET 3.5 Library used to parse StarCraft II replays. Developed in C# 3.5.

Sc2gears - This is the holder of the source code of Sc2gears if / when it is released.

Sc2gearsSc2gears is a utility program for StarCraft II. You can find its home page here: Sc2gears home page Sc2gears parses and analyzes SC2Replay files. This project is here to host the source code of Sc2gears if / when it is released.