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Cmdln - a Python module for easily building good multi-command scripts (an improved fixes some of the design flaws in and takes advantage of new Python stdlib modules (e.g. optparse) so that it is more useful (and convenient) for implementing command-line scripts/shells. The main differences are: Instead of passing a command line to subcommand handlers, already parsed options and an args list are provided. This is much more convenient when the complexity of commands grows to have options, arguments with spaces, etc. By default the help for a subcommand is the as

Startupsecurity - Templates for start-up projects based on Java, .NET and PHP.

New Members Wanted: Java developers .NET developers PHP developers Designer Technical writer Start-up SecurityGoogle group: ( What Is New?We are participated in HackDay #9 (St. Petersburg, Russia). Our team has 4 members. What is StartUpSecurity project?StartUpSecurity project is repository for application templates. The templates can be used by for start-up projects for implementing of application security. The tare

Odata4j - An OData Toolkit for Java

OverviewThere is a vast amount of data available today and data is now being collected and stored at a rate never seen before. Much of this data is managed by Java server applications and difficult to access or integrate into new uses. The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a Web protocol for querying and updating data that provides a way to unlock this data and free it from silos that exist in applications today. OData does this by applying and building upon Web technologies such as HTTP, Atom Publi

Prynt - A Python module that turn your console outputs into HTML

prynt is a Python module to turn your console outputs into HTML or tex file. Just import the prynt module, and your output will be automagically turned into an HTML/tex file. Getting StartedPrynt is a easy way to generate quite nice reports. It is nowhere near a full CMS webapp: that's even not the purpose. The goal for prynt, is to provide an easy (really easy) way to generate nice ( quite nice) reports. Let's see an "Hello World": from prynt import *pryntonexit()print "*Hello* **World**"will l

Autocomplete-server - AJAX autocomplete server and java library

OverviewA Java library supporting the server side for AJAX autocomplete. This project can be integrated in two ways: Standalone server : A standalone autocomplete HTTP server providing JSON / REST AJAX autocomplete functionality for any language. Java library : A jar providing Autocomplete datastructures that can be easily integrated into an existing Java projects. The library is build around an autocomplete tree that supports prefix queries on entities. Information about entities are stored in

Lightcrawler - Open Source Crawler for Java

Light CrawlerAn Open Source Crawler for Java based on Crawler4j. Crawler4j is a good project which is smart and easy to use. We learn more from Crawler4j. It helps us a lot. We add some useful tools, made changes to rebuild it as LightCrawler for share and study. LightCrawler can control the depth of the crawler. Crawler will stop at the pointed depth. LightCrawler can choose which url should crawl and which should not crawl by config forbidden regex and allowed regex. LightCrawler is also Multi

Koalacloud - KOALA Cloud Manager

KOALA (Karlsruhe Open Application (for) cLoud Administration) is a software service, designed to help you working with your Amazon Web Services (AWS) compatible cloud services and infrastructures (IaaS). The Amazon AWS public cloud and private cloud services based on Eucalyptus, Nimbus or OpenNebula are supported. The storage services Google Storage and Host Europe Cloud Storage can be used with KOALA too KOALA helps interacting with cloud services that implement the APIs of Elastic Compute Clou

Three-cms - CMS based on the Code Igniter framework and Smarty template engine

Important update:Update January 8th 2009: Three CMS now has it's own forum and website! Visit and join the forum! --- Update December 26th 2009: The second beta is now available for download. This one is a bit more stable than the first one, and it has some bugs fixed. Still it should not (yet) be used in a professional production environment. If you find any issues or have feature requests about this release, please report it on this site. Update December 19th 2009: The first b

Yui-swapimage - Swap image with YUI

This project has been moved to Github: image with YUI, flexible and easy way. For YUI 2.x A-Grade browsers support jQuery version also available: Also have a look at my Metadata plugin for YUI (, which is a smart way to store data in DOM elements. Basic Usage1. Include the scripts required: <script type="text/javascript" src="

Bauglir-websocket - WebSocket server/client implementation in Pascal and C#

WebSocket - Pascal and C# implementationsProject contains implementation of clients and servers using WebSocket protocol. SECOND VERSION OF BAUGLIR WEBSOCKET - HyBi 7-17 AND RFC WEBSOCKET SPECIFICATION Current version: 2.0.4 (2012-01-30) #Changelog For Hixi versions of specification (75, 76) use Bauglir WebSocket 1.1.0. If you are using Bauglir WebSocket in production, please let me know ( If you are getting garbage from Chrome19: T problem is caused by x-deflate-fra